Barbara Evans Fails To Congratulate Jenelle Evans On Engagament, Doesn’t Want ‘Teen Mom 2’ To Get Married?

Barbara Evans isn’t a fan of Jenelle Evans’ engagement to Nathan Griffith.

During last night’s new episode of Teen Mom 2 Season 6, Jenelle’s’ fiance, Nathan Griffith, asked her to marry him in St. Thomas, and she said, “Yes.” The moment was both surprising and exciting for Jenelle, and before long, she texted Barbara Evans, who failed to respond.

According to a bonus clip shared by Wetpaint Entertainment on July 17, Barbara Evans simply doesn’t feel the Teen Mom 2 star should get married.

“She didn’t even ask or anything like that. She didn’t even care. It just frustrates me the way she treats me. I don’t think she ever wants me to get married period. She’s like, ‘You don’t need to be married to a man to make you happy.’ I understand that, bu we’re gonna be engaged for a year and a half before we get married…we’re not back and forth, we’ve been together since day one and have not left each other’s side.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Griffith has never treated Barbara Evans very well, and even after welcoming a child with her daughter and becoming engaged, things between them don’t seem to be making any progress. During a show sneak peek shared by Perez Hilton, Barbara Evans was seen sitting down with her daughter to discuss Jace, when Griffith became a hot topic.

“Jace has been very bad at school. He was not listening, he’s been refusing to do his work. There’s kind of a pattern here that when he comes back from your house, he has had bad behavior at school, and he’s been wetting the bed.”

According to Barbara Evans, Griffith’s fighting with her daughter, which fans have seen on Teen Mom 2, has had a negative impact on Jace. Jenelle, however, disagrees.

After the conversation turns to Griffith, with whom Jenelle moved in just weeks after meeting, Barbara Evans claims he avoids her and doesn’t make any effort to include his son in her life.

“He’s going to have to come to grips with me being your mother and try to get along with me.”

In response to Barbara Evans, Jenelle encouraged her mother to steer clear of her fiance and said he would do the same. While that doesn’t seem like a reasonable solution, at all, it appears to be working for the time being.

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