‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Week 4 HOH Nominations Revealed, Shelli Poole And Liz Nolan Take Charge

Big Brother 17 spoilers from Friday (July 17) reveal the Week 4 HOH nominations. The BB17 house is in chaos again, specifically for houseguests who didn’t understand why Shelli Poole and Liz Nolan made these decisions. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Shelli and Liz took power during the Thursday night (July 16) episode. They constitute part of a larger alliance that controlled the house last week as well, when HOH Vanessa Rousso worked to get Jeff Weldon evicted. Now a report from fan site Big Brother Network confirms that the BB17 house has its Week 4 nominees for eviction.

The nominations from Liz Nolan are James Huling and Jackie Ibarra, while Shelli Poole nominated Jason Roy and John McGuire. This becomes the fourth straight week that John has been nominated for eviction, making it a perfect record for the dentist so far. It might also underscore how this “twist” getting used in the house isn’t as exciting as producers want fans and viewers to think. Clay Honeycutt (Shelli’s right-hand man) already wants John to throw the Battle of the Block competition (again) so that they can control who stays at risk of going home. That might not be what Shelli wants this week though.

These Big Brother 17 spoilers are a slight shift from what it appeared would happen in the BB17 house, as Shelli had been courting the thought of getting out of the HOH room so that she can compete in the Week 5 competition. Now it appears she wants to hold on to the power because the main target for eviction is Jason Roy. She has told John that the new plan is to use the “backdoor” to evict Audrey Middleton. It has seemed like Audrey and Shelli were ready to work together for a while, but maybe the closeness that Audrey has with Vanessa Rousso has turned the house against her again.

There could be a lot of twists in the coming week in regard to how the alliances shake out. It doesn’t seem like Liz Nolan wants her nominees to throw the BOTB competition, which means viewers might finally get to see one where everyone tries to win. Underneath it all, Liz and Shelli are still ultimately working together, so no matter which one stays in power, the “other side of the house” could lose another competitor.

Due to James Huling getting put up by Liz, if he comes off the block, he will be protected. The same goes for Jackie Ibarra. So if Shelli remains the sole HOH and one of her nominees wins the Veto, she might have no choice but to nominate Audrey for eviction anyways. More Big Brother 17 spoilers will be coming out on Friday and Saturday (July 17-18) as the house plays the Week 4 Battle of the Block and Veto competitions.

[Image Source: CBS Big Brother Press Kit]