Pill Use Explained: 'Teen Mom 2' Leah Messer Comes Clean About Prescription

The pill use of Leah Messer has finally been explained. During last night's episode, as recapped by Wetpaint Entertainment on July 17, Messer came clean about her pill use to her sister, Victoria, who had taken her out to dinner for the night.

While chatting, Messer revealed her then-pill use was caused by intense migraines.

"The thing of it is, I was prescribed pain medication whenever my migraine was so bad that I'm crawling to the commode to vomit. The doctor prescribed me anxiety medication...but I'm not like over here abusing medication."

Although Messer claimed her pill use was not more than it should be, fans on Twitter and Facebook have had their doubts. Since last year, Messer has been accused of abusing prescription drugs, and now, as fans are reunited with her on Season 6, her behavior appears to be out of character.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Messer's pill use on Teen Mom 2 has led to serious backlash from fans. Below are a few of their comments regarding last night's episode of season six.

"You was high as f—–k girlfriend!!!"

"The only reason you passed is because it's prescribed drugs you're abusing that's why your test was negative."

"You should really think of giving Corey more time with the girls you are a MESS."

Since Messer is allowed to take what she is prescribed, her recent drug test came back negative, but fans still aren't convinced her pill use isn't out of control, and sadly, her ex-husband, Corey Simms, appears to have his doubts, as well. Also on last night's episode, Simms was seen speaking to his father, expressing concern about Messer having his daughter while driving "jacked up."

"I was just worried about her driving down the road jacked up with the girls in back... You can't control everything so you have to make yourself now worry about what you can't control... I can't control Leah's prescriptions, so I don't know."

In addition to the pill use Messer has exposed during Season 6, she may also be using anxiety medication. As fans learned during last year's show, Messer was prescribed medication to help her cope with her stress from Ali's muscular dystrophy while filming Season 5. However, her Season 5 pill use made her seem even more out of it than during Season 6, and during the show, she admitted to feeling like a "druggie" while taking her pills.

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