Kurt Angle Hospitalized: Ex-WWE Champ Has Emergency Surgery After Being Rushed To Hospital

Kurt Angle had to be rushed to the hospital and doctors were forced to perform an emergency surgery on the ex-WWE champ in order to remove a build-up of excessive fluid from his spine. According to a report from the Bleacher Report, Angle suffered complications after being hospitalized about a week ago in order to undergo an operation to remove a benign tumor from his neck.

Kurt Angle, a former TNA Champion, confirmed last week via his Instagram account that the operation to remove a tumor on his neck was a success.

Here's the message the 46-year-old wrestler wrote to his thousands of Instagram followers.

"My doctor and his team! Dr Jho, thank you for your continued assistance in keeping me healthy and strong. I'm very grateful. My recovery starts now. Nothing will keep me from what I Love to do. GOD continues to Bless me each and every day. Thank You to all of the fans for your incredible support. Much Love!"
The Olympic medalist also wrote that he was "feeling better after surgery" and he thanked all his fans for their love and support.

"Your Olympic Hero is feeling better after surgery. Road to recovery starts today. Thank you all for your Love and support. #TeamAngle"

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kurt Angle was recently diagnosed with a benign tumor in the neck and announced that he will be taking some time off from the ring. However, Kurt's latest hospitalization could mean that we won't probably see Angle back wrestling for some months.

Giovanni, the wife of Kurt Angle, shared a few details about what happened and it appears that she is optimistic about his recovery. Angle's management company also explained the matter with the following tweet from his @RealKurtAngle twitter account.

"Friends and Fan this is a message from Mr Angles Management. Yesterday while Mr Angle was preparing for his travel to the UK for Comic Con, he was experiencing sever pain, he lost feeling in his extremities, and starting to have some difficulty breathing. His wife, Giovanni, very concerned rushed him to the hospital, where doctors informed Kurt that his symptoms were the result of his recent surgery that left a large buildup of fluid on his spinal cord. Since the condition could be fatal, they immediately underwent emergency surgery to relieve the pressure on his spine. The surgery went well and doctors believe he will have a full recovery. Kurt apologies to his friends and fans that He will not be appearing at Comic Con in London this weekend as hoped. Kurt is doing well and we will keep you posted on his progress."
[Image via Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images Entertainment]