Justin Bieber’s Romantic ‘Perfect Together’ Song Leaks, Is It About Selena Gomez?

Out of nowhere, an unreleased Justin Bieber song — “Perfect Together” — has leaked. Naturally, fans powered #PerfectTogether to a top three trending topic on Twitter.

“Perfect Together” surfaced on the urban-oriented hip-hop/R&B Xclusive Jams website on Sunday, July 19. Click the link in the tweet below to listen.

Sources tell the Inquisitr the just over two minutes extract is an old track (it is believed to be two or three years old), and is not expected to be on Bieber’s upcoming, as-yet-untitled new album. Regardless, it’s an uber cute, romantic jam that hits timely notes, as the Biebs and ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez are reportedly still close friends and hang out from time to time — most recently, poolside at a Beverly Hills hotel.

The song starts with a broken down chorus over syncopated synths sounds. The superstar sings, “I know I’m not perfect sometimes / I know you’re not perfect sometimes / But even when it’s wrong it feels right / [Be]cause we’re perfect together / Perfect together / Perfect together / Perfect together.”

The first verse drops the beat, and finds Bieber marveling that he and his love interest are still together after seemingly tough times.

“It’s amazing / So amazing that we are still here yeah /’Cause we’re changing, rearranging / But I still see you clear,” Justin croons beautifully.

A pre-chorus follows, “How can I love you more than this? / Tell me the way and I can fix it,” into a second chorus which changes “feels right” to “it’s still right.”

In the second verse, Bieber expresses happiness that he and his lady are perfect together, despite previous dramas.

He goes on, “No more lonely nights, no more city lights / And when I’m feeling in the worst way, you know how to bring me back baby / Lights shines through the clouds now /Darkest days in the past now / You don’t know what you do to me…”

Then, another chorus. The mid-tempo track fades as the opening bars of a darker, melodic section are heard.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber not back together, sources confirm.

The leak of “Perfect Together” comes after Bieber chatted to Martha Stewart about the progress of his new album for his cover story with Interview magazine.

In that profile, the Canadian revealed his new material is “very personal,” when Stewart asked if his new music is romantic. The singer previously told On Air With Ryan Seacrest that Gomez is the inspiration for a lot of his in-the-works album.

Bieber explained, “People will be able to really get into where my heart is. It’s about my journey in life — stuff that I’ve been through. Maybe I can teach a lesson, certain things that are inspiring.”

The young star reaffirmed Kanye West and Rick Rubin’s involvement, but also enthused about his ongoing work with “Where Are Ü Now” collaborators, Diplo and Skrillex.

“I’m working a lot with Skrillex and Diplo,” Bieber told Stewart, “and this guy named Poo Bear, who’s an incredible writer.”

He continued, explaining, “We’ve just been getting our groove. You kind of go through a period where you’re in there and nothing comes and nothing comes, and then, finally, it’s like bang-bang-bang —- you get them all in a row. I’m at a place where I’m really happy and I’m ready to share my music.”

Of the sound of his new album, Bieber intrigued, saying, Skrillex is on “new wave” and is shaping a “futuristic” sound for his album, which involves pitch changing the singer’s voice and likely other sonic magic. “We have a really good chemistry,” he added.

With those descriptions in mind, “Perfect Together” doesn’t sound as if it just hopped off Bieber’s new album. Nevertheless, it’s a tasty, summer song that should keep fans happy until the heartthrob drops new fire.

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