Nick Viall Has A Simple Favor To Ask: Why Is He Getting A Massive Backlash?

Nick Viall is currently fighting for Kaitlyn Bristowe’s heart on The Bachelorette, as he is once again in the final two. If everything goes to plan, Nick will be proposing to Bristowe on the season finale in just over a week, but he will have to fight against Shawn Booth. The two men are not fans of one another, and Kaitlyn feels the hate between them.

But Nick Viall appears to be more determined to win Kaitlyn Bristowe’s heart than he was Andi Dorfman’s heart. In fact, Viall called out Andi on national television, which gave him a bad reputation. Viall really wanted to win her heart, but these days, Nick has been questioning whether it was indeed a good move to pursue Andi for so long, considering he is now having doubts.

According to a new tweet, Nick Viall is now hoping to get something in return from viewers. It is no secret that he hasn’t been the most popular Bachelorette contestant in the show’s history, but he has been receiving tremendous backlash for coming back on the show.

“Things people forget,” Nick Viall tweeted, adding a picture with the quote, “Kindness is super cool! It’s also free.”

As it turns out, Nick is getting lots of hateful comments from viewers based on his behavior. Of course, when Viall decided to come back on The Bachelorette, many thought that he was just desperate for the spotlight. Why would he come back on the show to compete for yet another woman?

In addition, Nick Viall may have wanted to redeem himself completely after being humiliated and calling out Andi on national television. However, there is much more to the story for Viall. Before Kaitlyn decided to come on the show, she had been texting Nick as Chris Soules’ journey was coming to an end on television. While Kaitlyn was preparing to become The Bachelorette, Nick Viall was falling in love with her. Apparently, the text messages between them were steamy.

According to the Inquisitr, Nick has really tried to win over Kaitlyn in many ways. Apparently, he really wanted Britt Nilsson to become the next Bachelorette so he could have Bristowe to himself. But since that didn’t happen, Nick Viall felt he had to go on the show to win her heart.

What do you think of Nick Viall’s simple favor? Do you think people will be nice to him? Why do you think he has been getting such a negative backlash?

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