Scott Disick Possibly Hitting Rock Bottom: He Is Ready To See His Kids

Scott Disick has been making headlines lately over his split from Kourtney Kardashian. Scott has been partying way too much, and pictures have surfaced online of Disick hanging out with women in drug-filled hotel rooms. Clearly, this isn’t something that Kourtney wants to deal with. However, as Scott continues to party and make headlines, Kardashian is planning to move on.

These days, Scott Disick isn’t at home with his family. He has completely left Kourtney to take care of their three children, but all of the partying is taking its toll on Scott. In fact, Disick is now eager to see his children. But that doesn’t mean this is rock bottom for him because Disick wants nothing to do with Kourtney.

According to a new Hollywood Life report, Scott Disick is eager to see his three kids, Mason, Penelope, and Reign, but he doesn’t want to go back home to Los Angeles because Kourtney will be there. And surely, she won’t let Scott hang out with the kids alone after a whole month of partying.

“Scott is finally ready to come back to LA, but he doesn’t want to deal with Kourtney,” a source has revealed, adding, “He feels like she will just give him a hard time about his behavior.”

For a while, Scott Disick made his money by doing club appearances. However, it sounds like he isn’t even taking his work seriously. Disick is canceling all of his appearances, and he is possibly burning a lot of bridges.

“He just wants to come back and see his kids. He really wants to have some time with just them for a few days at his Beverly Hills place — but that is not going to happen,” the source continued to say, sharing, “Kourtney is not letting him have the kids overnight and will not allow him to have them unsupervised.”

And Scott Disick may know that things aren’t worth pursuing with Kourtney. She was recently spotted with her children at the zoo while he was missing in action. And it sounds like these two are done for good.

“Kourtney is so upset with Scott right now that the thought of taking him back makes her sick to her stomach,” a source has said, according to the Inquisitr, adding, “He crossed the line for the last time, and there’s no turning back. Kourtney is devastated, but more angry than hurt. She is seriously turned off just by the thought of him.”

Do you think Scott Disick has hit rock bottom?

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