Serial Killer: Niagara Falls Murders Have Similarities, Suggest There’s A Serial Killer In Town

Is there a serial killer in Niagara Falls?

According to KCCI News, police are investigating a recent murder that is eerily similar to a murder that occurred in the same location three years ago. In 2012, the remains of Loretta Gates, 30, were found around the city. Last month, Terri Lynn Bills, 46, was found in an abandoned home, her limbs missing from her torso.

“You can’t overlook that the two homicides share a lot of similarities. It is hard not to make that connection,” said Niagara Falls Police Capt. Kelly Rizzo. “We got a lot of good information. We are definitely closer to figuring out who did it based on the information we got [today],” Rizzo added.

The possible serial killer in Niagara Falls has 90 officers, including investigators from the FBI and the New York State Police, working around the clock to solve these two cases. According to the Canada Journal, police are not ruling out the possibility that these two murders could have been committed by two separate criminals, but can’t get past the similarities: Both murders involved two women between the ages of 30 and 50 (which is relatively close in age), they happened in the same area, and both bodies were dismembered.

Dead leads have been frustrating, but police are hopeful that new information will help solve what’s being called “the largest mission of its kind in the history of Niagara Falls.”

The possible serial killer in Niagara Falls isn’t the only one causing worry in the country. Last month, people in Ohio were worried that a serial killer was abducting women. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, five women went missing from the Chillicothe area.

“I don’t want to come out and say ‘yes, we have a serial killer,’ but it’s a small community that we live in … and the number of females who have come up missing, and then the bodies that we’ve found, that’s quite a bit for our community,” said Staff Lieutenant Mike Preston of the Ross County Sheriff’s Department at the time. Police have made at least one arrest, believing that 36-year-old Jason A. McCrary may have been behind at least one of the murders. He has yet to be charged with murder, and police have called in the FBI to help further investigate the case — and to figure out of the disappearance of these women are connected.

[Photo by John Moore / Getty Images]