WWE News: WWE NXT And Ring Of Honor Working Together Soon?

Joe Burgett

WWE has been making great strides to put NXT on the map as sort of a mini-Indy company adjacent to the actual WWE promotion.

Triple H is setting up something amazing for both WWE and the fans. They want to blend what is real and what is story into something that will make you wonder consistently. WWE has already started to make a deal with WWN, the company that owns the Evolve and Dragon's Gate USA promotions. Their deal has to do more with talent, where WWN will help develop them under contract while WWE picks them out when they feel they are ready.

It is a brilliant plan for WWE, who does not have time to potentially teach everyone the basics the moment they come into NXT. This takes a job away from them, which allows WWE to polish a young star and make them into a Superstar. Could WWE be developing a similar plan with other promotions though?

Japanese legend Jushin "Thunder" Liger is working the NXT Takeover show in Brooklyn, New York against NXT star Tyler Breeze. Meanwhile NJPW has Shinsuke Nakamura, Kazuchika Okada, and Kushida appearing in Brooklyn the same night as the Ring of Honor show, as they are working the event. The event is co-promoted with NJPW and ROH. One would imagine that since WWE is attempting to pretty much gut the ROH crowd so that they can come to NXT, that ROH would not want to work with WWE. However, that is not the case.

According to The Wrestling Observer, ROH and WWE are making plans which does not involve NJPW, the current ROH partner. A source was noted saying...

"other significant moves involving NXT and ROH which do not involve New Japan that are likely to become evident in short order."

Now what could any of this really mean? It does pretty much tell us, vaguely, that WWE and ROH will be working together. It also tells us that ROH is willing to cut NJPW out of their plans if they can work with WWE and NXT specifically.

Again, this could be a similar thing WWE is doing with WWN. It is uncertain exactly what the idea is right now.

This could, of course, be a power pull by WWE. They could be sort of forcing ROH to work with them. ROH works a lot in the northeast, and usually on Saturdays to avoid any issues during WWE PPVs. However, if WWE were to do NXT events the same days as ROH do their big shows, it hurts ROH financially even with the Destination America deal. WWE has the money to work anywhere they want, and the talent to sway anyone to come to a WWE show.

WWE might be pulling a gangster move. They could be saying to ROH that "if you work with us, we won't promote where you are at the same time." If they do not, they will continue to do it. WWE loves the Northeast as well of course.

It uncertain what is being done with WWE and ROH, but if it involves ROH working as a partner with NXT, no one is going to complain. Also, if WWE is providing financial assistance to ROH to develop talent for them, we all know ROH is going to do it. WWE loves using former ROH talent, as some of their top stars have worked there. That said, having them as a partner is a pretty big deal.

[IMG Credits: 411mania, ROHwrestling,com]