Obama Bar Picture With Madalyn Starkey Goes Viral

Madalyn Starkey, a student at the University of Colorado, and President Barack Obama are giving the ridiculously photogenic guy a run for his money with a photograph of the two in which Starkey looks absolutely hilarious.

Obama was traveling through Boulder, Colorado when he happened to stop in at a local pub, The Sink, where he ran into Madalyn. The president apparently had enough time for a quick photo opportunity as the two snapped a picture in which Obama has a silly grin slapped across his face, arm around Starkey, and she’s pointing at him with a hysterical expression on her face. Starkey’s expression does an excellent job of conveying her apparent disbelief at her chance encounter with the President of the United States at a local pub in Boulder, Colorado.

While visiting The Sink, Barack Obama took the time to add his signature to the walls of the bar which are riddled with intended graffiti which adds a youthful-urban atmosphere to the popular watering hole. Barack’s signature can be found alongside that of actor Guy Fury.

Dan Williams met President Obama, which landed him on the front of a local newspaper, and received a promotion, all in the same day.

Since the Starkey Obama photo has gone viral, the college student has been having fun with the media attention as she posted on her Twitter feed:

“Woooo, never knew a tweet could blow up like that. Neat!”


She also joking Tweeted to another user, “bet you wish you had take me to prom now, huh?”

The Sink currently boasts a yogurt and pizza concoction, which can be found on their website, which they refer to as the Presidential Specials. First you have the P.O.T.U.S. Pie, which is apparently “Obama’s official pizza choice,” which consists of pepperoni, Italian sausage, mozzarella, red onions, black olives, fresh green peppers, and The Sink’s signature crust. A pizza which they claim is “worthy of the Oval Office.” Next, there’s “The Prez” which consists of Greek yogurt splashed with organic honey and topped with fresh berries. Sounds delicious!

What are your thoughts on ridiculously silly picture of Madalyn Starkey in the bar with Barack Obama?