Watch As Color Blind Man Sees Real Colors For The First Time [Video]

Ethan Scott is color blind. His partner, James, gave him a surprise birthday gift of a pair of very special glasses which allow him to experience real color for the first time. The video shows his reaction to this. Warning: There is some pretty strong language.

In the video, Scott explains that being color blind doesn't mean that he sees the world in black and white, it just means that he sees things in a way that is a "little more dull than usual."

He says he can see some pink and some green but that sometimes green looks brown or yellow and pink looks silver or blue.

A company called EnChroma has developed glasses that correct color blindness, thus allowing the color blind to see colors as they actually are.

In Scott's case, his partner James gave him a pair as a surprise birthday gift, not telling him what they were, simply putting them on his face. The video shows the moment that Scott starts seeing actual color for the very first time. He is astounded.

In the video Scott ranges between surprise and shock, alternately crying and swearing like a trooper as he explores his surroundings, both in an office environment and outside in a garden.

Warning, the language is pretty strong. He apologizes on the video saying he's "Italian and easily excitable."

Color blindness, or color vision deficiency as it is also known, is the decreased ability to see or perceive color and color differences under normal lighting conditions. This is usually caused by a fault in the development of one or more sets of retinal cones that perceive the color in light and transmit the information to the optic nerve.

Being color blind can also apparently occur through physical or chemical damage to the eye, optic nerve, or parts of the brain.

The image below is an Ishihara test image as seen by subjects with normal color vision and by those with a variety of color deficiencies.

Color blind

In Scott's case, the ability to see the color of the grass, Post-It notes on a wall, flowers, or even his partner's car is an amazing experience after being color blind for so long. He even says the "Lysol thing is scaring me!" It seems his whole world is suddenly brighter, more colorful, and more exciting.

While the Enchroma glasses look like ordinary tinted lenses, as a color blind person looks through them something incredible happens, as their experience of color is fundamentally transformed.

Color blind people experience more vibrant, full and saturated color, especially when viewing something like a flower, a colorful painting, or even a rainbow.

While this might seem like something magic to a color blind person, the Enchroma glasses are made using color vision science and optical technology. In Scott's case, we can see the amazing effect these glasses have on him as a color blind person when viewing his surrounding world.

Any readers who are color blind, have you tried the Enchroma glasses? Please let us know about your experiences below.