Amy Schumer: Comedy's New It Girl

Amy Schumer is comedy's new it girl. And the star quality in the next great comedic mind is glowing bright. Not only is she turning heads and ears with her gut-splitting show, Inside Amy Schumer, but her feature film debut Trainwreck is getting recognized as the sleeper hit of the summer.

The early synopsis of Trainwreck has Amy Schumer getting love all wrong. Whether she finds Mr. Right in the form of co-star Bill Hader will not be revealed until you see the movie.

Trainwreck is brought to you by the same people who gave you Bridesmaids. In that movie, fans fell in love for the comedic genius of Melissa McCarthy. Amy Schumer is looking to blaze her own trail and the road to her success looks great.

Amy Schumer will have some serious competition in winning the weekend's box office battle. Marvel's Ant-Man premieres on the same day. Still, it does not appear that anything will derail Schumer's arc. With Judd Apatow handling the directorial duties, Amy Schumer wrote the script that is said to give plenty of traces inside her actual personality. The self-proclaimed "oversharer" confessed on an interview with NPR how Amy, the character she portrays in the film is close to who she really is.

"A lot of this version of myself is based on me in college, I would say my sophomore year specifically, where I did have a bunch of partners who I knew I wasn't going to date.

"For me personally, there's this misconception that women want to be held all night, and some do, and some guys like that, and I love spooning... I love to be held, I'm very affectionate, but when I go to sleep I'm like a 'please-don't-come anywhere-near-me' person."

The unabashed Schumer does not apologize for any of this. That is what makes her appealing to the masses. Amy Schumer is Amy Schumer and she most likely could care less what anyone thinks.

In the movie, she takes the role of particularly any man with the tendency to get his excitement and get going. That would explain her brand of comedy. Amy Schumer wants you to laugh your tail off or keep it moving. And she hears what is being said out there. Her response to Jerry Seinfeld's recent comments about the comedy police via the Inquisitr, was classic Amy Schumer.

"I am a comic. I am so glad more people are laughing at me and with me all of a sudden. I will joke about things you like and I will joke about things you aren't comfortable with. And that's ok."
Mic drop!

Not everyone is a fan of Amy Schumer.

In a Fox News post there is a faction of people who believes that Amy Schumer offers a bad depiction of women.

"We don't need comedy that presents women as selfish, out-of-control, and sex-obsessed. Women don't need a spokeswoman who tears people down for laughs. We don't need someone who tells us to be sexually explicit to get attention."
Amy Schumer is not for everybody. She is a mixed bag of raunchiness and brutal honesty. Amy Schumer is that aunt or cousin in the family who tells it how she sees it while demanding that the kids in the room keeps their ears covered. Because of this, she is at the apex of her comedic career.

Amy Schumer is comedy's new it girl. She has control over how far she goes at this point. And being honest about it, why should she stop now?

[Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for One Kid One World]