Marshall London: Amp-Maker Unveils New Smartphone

Marshall is the brand that comes to mind when talking about amplifiers and audio equipment, but what about smartphones? Recently, amp-maker Marshall Amplification announced a new product, a smartphone called Marshall London.

Though we don’t expect the Marshall London smartphone to be in competition with smartphone giants Apple and Samsung, it does pack features lacking in Galaxy phones and iPhones that musicians and music lovers will appreciate.

  • Two Speakers – As the official website of Marshall London states, the smartphone may “just be the loudest mobile phone on Earth.” It has two front-facing speakers, which makes it a great gadget to use when listening to music, even if you don’t have your headphones.
  • Separate Processor – The Marshall London has its own processor dedicated to music, and this plays music at the highest resolution possible. In addition, the mobile phone can play uncompressed music files, such as the FLAC format.
  • Easy Music Access – Want easy access to your music files? The “M” button should do the trick. This button is a one-click access to your music library. It is especially useful when you are doing something on your phone and you suddenly feel the itch to listen to your favorite tune.


According to Wired, the Marshall London has not been officially announced in the U.S. as of writing. However, the Swedish website of the product lists the price at 4,995 Swedish krona, which converts to about $580.

The Marshall London boasts the same design as the company’s amplifiers, with textured, matte black surface and small gold details. The phone also comes with in-ear headphones, which lives up to the quality of the Marshall brand.

Since the Marshall London smartphone is geared towards music lovers, it comes with a number of features such as the loopstack for recording, a DJ app, and a microphone. The smartphone runs on Android Lollipop.

What do you think about the new Marshall London smartphone? Will you be getting your hands on one? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Image via Marshall]