Louis Tomlinson Moving To L.A. To Be Closer To Briana Jungwirth And Baby?

Louis Tomlinson shocked fans earlier this week when reports confirmed that the One Direction star is expecting his first child with L.A.-based stylist Briana Jungwirth. As One Direction fans panic that the state of the group is in jeopardy amid Tomlinson’s baby announcement, new reports suggest that Tomlinson is looking to move closer to Jungwirth in order to be a more “hands-on” parent.

A source close to Tomlinson dished to People Magazine that both Louis and Briana are “excited” about their impending parenthood and remain “close friends” despite not being in a relationship.

“Louis is happy and very excited about becoming a dad and he thinks Briana will be an amazing mother. It was a surprise at first, but he and Briana are very, very close friends and this has brought them even closer. They are both really happy and although they aren’t in a relationship, their friendship is extremely strong and they are both really excited about the baby. It’s early days and Briana and the baby’s health are the most important things right now.”

Meanwhile, a source dishes to the Daily Mail that Tomlinson is currently searching for a place near Jungwirth’s Calabasas home in order to be a “hands-on father” once their child is born later this year.

The news comes on the heels of reports that suggest Tomlinson’s baby mama is “stressed” by the attention surrounding her pregnancy.

Jungwirth’s father confirmed to the Daily Mail that he’s concerned that the fame surrounding Tomlinson will impact Jungwirth’s “private” life.

“The publicity and everything, it can be overwhelming, yes. Briana’s really shy, she’s strong but she, she’s tough but shy and she’s having a tough time with it, it’s stressing her out right now, she’s texting me all the time.”

Jungwirth’s father adds that Briana and Louis’ baby will be the first grandchild for their family.

“It’s the first kind in our family, this will be the first grandkid. Yeh we’re excited abou tit, Briana is doing great I guess. It’s a bit of a shock, you know, they’re kids, stuff happens, but I’m supporting her. I love her to death and it’s all good.”

As for whether or not Jungwirth’s father is a fan of Tomlinson and the rest of the One Direction boys, Jungwirth insists that “they’re a good band.”

Tomlinson has remained mum regarding the news of his impending fatherhood, only speaking out for the first time on his social media accounts just two days after the news broke.

“Amazing show! Thank you for the support!!” Tomlinson wrote on his Twitter account on July 16, much to the disappointment of fans who were hoping for a statement from Louis regarding Jungwirth’s pregnancy.

While Louis hasn’t confirmed the news of his move to L.A., fans are already taking to social media to vocalize their concerns about the future of One Direction.

What do you think of Louis Tomlinson’s decision to move to Calabasas to be closer to Briana Jungwirth and their baby?

[Image Credit: Getty Images / Brendon Thorne]