'Teen Mom 2' Leah Messer Shares Twitter Message About Divorce? 'You Can't Be The Only One Fighting'

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer may have summed up her divorce using just one tweet.

Since Messer and her second husband, Jeremy Calvert, broke up earlier this year after months of rumors regarding possible cheating, fans of Teen Mom 2 have been wondering what really went down between the pair. During the debut episode of Teen Mom 2 Season 6, fans got their first glimpse at the end of the couple's relationship, and from the looks of things, Calvert was simply uninterested in working on his relationship.

On the show, which began filming at the end of last year, Messer suggested she and Calvert attend marriage counseling in order to understand one another better, but sadly, Calvert refused.

Now, months after filming wrapped, Messer has further hinted her divorce was no fault of her own.

On July 16, the Teen Mom 2 star took to Twitter, where she shared the following message with fans.

"When people make you feel unwanted, don't leave to make them feel sad or guilty, they won't. Leave because you no longer have a reason to stay. Sometimes you have to be strong for yourself. What's meant to be will end up good and what's not - won't. Love is worth fighting for, but sometimes you can't be the only one fighting. At times, people need to fight for you. If they don't you just have to move on and realize what you gave them was more than they were willing to give you and more than they deserve."

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Teen Mom 2 Season 6 will include Calvert's divorce announcement later in the season. During a sneak peek at the upcoming episodes, Calvert tells Messer he is done with their marriage -- even if she agrees to "get help."

The Teen Mom 2 couple ultimately parted ways during the show, and after filming wrapped, Calvert went to court, where his divorce was finalized in early June. According to a report by In Touch Weekly, Messer did not attend the court hearing, as she was in Utah receiving treatment for issues stemming from stress and depression.

"Leah participated on the phone from rehab... They had an uncontested divorce. The terms, including a custody arrangement for Adalynn, were agreed upon prior to the hearing. It was all over in about 15 minutes."

For more of Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert, tune into Teen Mom 2 Season 6 on Thursday nights at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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