One Direction: Three Signs A 2016 Tour Will Not Happen

Fans that have not bought One Direction tickets for their 2015 On The Road Again tour may live to regret it. Unfortunately, there are at least three signs that One Direction will not tour in 2016 -- and Louis Tomlinson's rumored baby is not the only reason.

Over the second week of July, the big One Direction news has been Louis Tomlinson's rumored baby. On July 15, Louis Tomlinson threw a baby doll off of the stage during a performance with One Direction in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and stated, "its not real," according to the Daily Mail.

Was this act by Louis Tomlinson an indicator that the baby rumors about him are not true? In any case, insiders close to Louis Tomlinson and One Direction beg to differ.

In fact, in the breaking news report by People Magazine on July 14, insiders stated that Louis Tomlinson "has vowed to be at Jungwirth's side and to be a 'hands-on dad' when the baby arrives early next year..."

Was this what Icona Pop was hinting at in the week before they started the American tour with One Direction? Did Icona Pop already know that one of the "surprises" that One Direction had in mind for fans was to drop the news that Louis was pregnant -- and that they might not tour in 2016 because of it?

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Icona Pop was dropping hints to the Swedish press in the weeks before they started opening for the One Direction American tour. In short, Icona Pop stated that this might be "One Direction's last tour."

To be specific, Icona Pop told Expressen about One Direction on June 17, "We are the first girl band that may open with them, and on their last tour, so it feels a little cool... It will probably be emotional for many fans, I imagine, in that it is the last [tour for One Direction]."

When news broke that One Direction was going to have a baby, Icona Pop told Billboard on July 14, "We will be the nannies on tour... Best wishes for him."

Obviously, Icona Pop wants One Direction to stay together for tours in 2016 when Louis Tomlinson's baby may be around (if, in fact, it does exist). Despite this, could there be another reason One Direction will not tour in 2016?

Around the time that Zayn Malik quit One Direction, Billboard published an article discussing the details of One Direction's contract. Sadly, the wording in this contract could lead to the postponing of One Direction in 2016.

In their March 27 article, Billboard states that One Direction, "may soon come to an end after its current stadium tour (it wraps in the United Kingdom on October 31) and upcoming fifth album (expected in the fourth quarter through Syco/Columbia) at the end of 2015."

While they may not be written in direct and concise language, any article that discusses One Direction's current contract mentions that the things they need to do to finish their current contract will be done by the end of 2015.

To make matters worse, rumors published by SugarScape on November 3, 2014, that One Direction will sign on for two more albums when their 2015 contract ends have never been officially confirmed.

In other words, if fans were panicked about the future of One Direction, signs from Icona Pop, insider sources about Louis' baby plans, and their ending contract should make them even more anxious.

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