Anna Duggar Baby News: Baby Number Four On The Way For Josh And Anna

Did Anna Duggar have her baby? Although the Duggars are making headlines for the cancelation of their reality show, 19 Kids and Counting, fans are still anxious to find out if Anna and Josh have welcomed their fourth child into the world.

Now six days past her July 10 due date, the Duggar family has yet to report that Anna has delivered her newborn daughter, and there are no reports that she is in labor. It won’t be too much longer before the newest addition to the Duggar clan makes her big reveal, but it is reportedly the first time Anna has gone past her due date — delivering her three other children either early or on-time.

Josh and Anna Duggar announced that they were expecting baby number four back in December. The couple, both 27, shared the news on Twitter much to the delight of their fans.

Since their happy announcement, the Duggar family has tried to keep the positive news coming, but that wasn’t an easy feat when news of Josh’s sexual molestation, and several other Duggar family scandals, surfaced. Anna’s pregnancy news has definitely been overshadowed by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s admission that their eldest son molested four of his sisters and the family’s babysitter when he was a teenager.

The molestation scandal and the cancelation of the family’s long-running reality show may have prevented Anna from enjoying a drama-free pregnancy, but it won’t stop her from having more children — in or out of the limelight.

Josh tells E! News that he and Anna plan to continue expanding their family, and baby number four will not be their last. Do they plan to have 19 like Josh’s mother, Michelle Duggar did? While admits that he’s not in control of how many children he will father because “God has the control” over the number of kids Anna gives birth to, he recently told People that financial pressures may keep them from having an extremely large family.

“I”ve done the math, and there is no way we can have 20 kids that I can figure. But the reason most people don’t have a large family is because they feel the financial pressures. It’s tough to have so many kids in today’s world.”

Although TLC will no longer film the latest Duggar happenings, fans can check for updates on Anna and Josh’s new baby on the Duggar’s blog or on their official Facebook page.

[Image: Duggar Family Blog]