Beyoncé Strobing Secrets Revealed: Get Her Glam Look! [Video]

Fashion forward Beyoncé uses strobing, the newest beauty trend, to create her glam looks — and the “Single Ladies” singer’s staff recently went on record to show how anyone can look as good as Beyoncé herself.

Beyoncé always looks great — even walking on the streets of New York — and it’s because her skin looks luminous, thanks to strobing. In an interview with the Cut, makeup artist Sir John, who taught Beyoncé the makeup trick, revealed that strobing is “the same thing as highlighting, but with a different name,” and his goal is to make sure Beyoncé “will have this beautiful glow that will stop traffic.”

Beyoncé depends on strobing for glamorous looks at events, according to Sir John: “I did this to Beyoncé at the Met Ball from head to toe. When I first started working for Beyoncé during the Mrs. Carter World Tour, I wrote about highlighting on her website. It’s all I really talk about — reflecting light in the face.”

Sir John also said that he tries to make sure Beyoncé has superior skin before strobing the artist, and anyone who wants to copy Queen Beyoncé’s looks needs to do the same.

“It’s important to start with skincare that helps create a luminous complexion. I like something that’s rich in texture or has SPF to help give skin a light reflective quality,” reports Hollywood Life.

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Beyonce likes to be at the forefront of fashion — and the mega star doesn’t like to be upstaged. In a recent interview with Vogue, Sam Greenberg, personal assistant to Beyoncé, revealed she always tries to make sure she doesn’t look better than Beyoncé.

According to her personal assistant, working for Beyoncé “is about looking clean and looking cool, and not trying to be much in the spotlight… It is also representing whom you work for. Sometimes we get off the plane and go straight to a show or to a meeting. I always make sure it isn’t too sweatpants and sweatshirt. I wear overalls [by Topshop], which are really comfortable on planes.”

The personal assistant to Beyoncé also revealed, according to the Mirror, that when they’re on tour, it’s important to blend in with the background so she doesn’t upstage Beyoncé: “I’m absolutely wearing black backstage… It’s to blend into the background; people won’t have to see a person in a bright pink top running back and forth on stage.”

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Sam also revealed that while Beyoncé relies on strobing to look great, she personally relies on the singer’s own fashion designs for her daily wear, according to the Mirror: “The pieces are curated so well and they are designed in such a cool way… it’s really functional and cool… You don’t feel like you are walking around with a big Beyoncé face on you!”

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