Beverly Hills’ Kim Richards Is In Jeopardy Of Losing Her Family?

Beverly Hills reality star Kim Richards is reportedly in jeopardy of losing her family.

On July 16, SheKnows speculated that Richards may have once again got on the bad side of her family after leaving rehab amid-treatment earlier this week.

Although the Beverly Hills resident’s family has been at her side in recent years, despite her sometimes questionable choices, SheKnows suspects the family may have reached their breaking point with Richards and her alleged failure to do what it takes to get and stay clean — for good. Below were some of the site’s thoughts.

“The biggest concern for Kim right now is that her friends and family have just about had it with her and her refusal to get help. It’s a story many people who have dealt with loved ones with addiction issues know. But, there’s going to come a point — if that point hasn’t come already — when Kim’s family and friends will feel they’ve done all that they could for her. What will become of Kim then? What will become of someone struggling with addiction whose family has shut them out?”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Kim Richards, first entered treatment in April, following a highly publicized arrest at the Beverly Hills Hotel. After the incident, Richards explained she had driven to the hotel after first drinking vodka at her daughter’s house. Richards then reportedly suffered another relapse while attending her daughter’s wedding in Mexico, which likely didn’t come as good news to the family, who was in attendance to celebrate with Brooke Brinson.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Richards isn’t doing much to prove herself to her family. In addition to her alleged early exit from treatment, Richards has since skipped out on four outpatient treatment sessions. According to a Radar Online source, the Beverly Hills reality star simply isn’t taking the necessary steps to ensure her sobriety.

“Kim has not been back to the center and has not been doing her outpatient therapy. She has already missed four sessions… The rehab program directors are just assuming that Kim isn’t returning to treatment there, and no one is going to chase her down and try to force it on her. She did not get along with hardly anyone there to begin with and when she left she had not even really started her intended program, which was at least three months.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season six is currently in production.

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