‘Married To Medicine’ Star Says Strip Club Visit Showed Lisa Nicole’s True Colors

Married To Medicine star Quad Webb-Lunceford was shocked when Lisa Nicole Cloud decided to get physical with her during a lunch meeting, where the ladies were supposed to talk about the background checks they had done on one another. But things quickly got heated, because Quad felt that her Married To Medicine co-star wasn’t being completely honest.

The two ladies have not resolved their issues on Married To Medicine. While Quad didn’t go out with the ladies to the strip club, she does think that the scene on Married To Medicine was very telling. In fact, she thinks that Lisa is blaming the wrong people. Rather than going after the ladies on Married To Medicine, she should be going after her husband.

According to a new Bravo report, Married To Medicine star Quad is now sharing her thoughts about her co-star after watching how things went down in the strip club.

“She’s trying so hard to make me look bad, meanwhile, she’s exposing her true colors. By the way, I don’t know any of those people who work for her, so blaming them for the information I retrieved is just stupid. I can’t help that I have one hell of a private investigator,” Married To Medicine star Quad reveals in her blog.

She points out that Lisa isn’t a representation of empowerment. While Cloud may want to portray one side of her life on Married To Medicine, Quad reveals that her co-star has much more in her life that isn’t matching up. In fact, Quad thinks that the affairs that have been brought up on Married To Medicine were much more recent than 10 years ago.

“She shouldn’t be mad at anyone but her husband. He’s the one who’s cheated on her continuously. I’m sure the cheating is more recent than she wants us to believe,” this Married To Medicine star reveals, adding, “It’s clear Jill had nothing to do with the stripper noting that Cheetahs is Dr. Darren’s favorite spot. Why is it that the dancer knows where Darren hangs out and ‘She Who Shall Not Be Named’ doesn’t? Instead of getting a background check on me, she should have been getting a low jack on her husband’s car. Girl, #CatchFire.”

According to the Inquisitr, a Married To Medicine producer had to step in between the ladies, who were getting physical during the lunch. This is the first time that a producer had to step in on this show.

What do you think of Quad’s opinion of her Married To Medicine co-star?

[Image via Bravo]