‘Scandal’ Starts Production: What Do We Know About Season 5?

The cast of Scandal is back at work. Production on Season 5 started on Tuesday, and the cast shared their excitement with fans on Twitter. The cast of this ABC drama is very active on social media, and they like to interact with their fans. The start of production meant a flurry of posts from the cast.

On Tuesday, the first table read for Scandal Season 5 was held, and Kerry Washington shared a photo of her and Tony Goldwyn together. Several other cast members shared photos or tweeted about their return to work for Season 5.

What do fans know about Scandal Season 5 already? Not much. Shonda Rhimes has kept a tight lid on the upcoming season. Scandal Season 4 ended with Fitz kicking Mellie out of the house, and Olivia showing up. The two reunited, but will their reunion be short lived?

Bellamy Young spoke about the series in an interview with Hollywood Life.

“I can’t imagine her saying, ‘well I accept.’ I hope ultimately that Mellie is president and Fitz is by her side and he loves her so much again and they’ve weathered that Olivia (Kerry Washington) storm, and now they’re together and it’s happiness.”

That ending is not likely. Shonda Rhimes has teased in the past that Olivia and Fitz finding their way to each other and staying together is the end game for the series.

She has also teased that the series would not last as long as her other hit series, Grey’s Anatomy. That series has also started production this week, according to a related Inquisitr report.

As for Papa Pope, Joe Morton is not all too sure what will happen to him during Season 5. He spoke about his character in an interview with Deadline.

“I haven’t the faintest idea. I mean, we don’t know. Shonda doesn’t let us know until we actually sit down at a table read. So, we really don’t know. There’s no kind of, “here’s what we’re going to be doing next season” kind of thing. On the surface, it looks like given who Rowan / Eli is, to be in jail for extortion or for embezzlement seems like something that might be easy for him to get out of, but we’ll see. Who knows what will come out of the mind of Shonda Rhimes.”

There is one solid known fact about Scandal Season 5. Fans will see a lot more of Marcus Walker. According to Variety, Cornelius Smith Jr. has joined the cast as a regular member. At the end of Season 4, it was teased that a recurring member would join the series fully for Season 5, and this is the result of that casting move.

What do you think? Are you excited for the return of Scandal to ABC this fall?

[Photo by Ben Gabbe / Getty Images]