Josh Duggar Under Suicide Watch? ’19 Kids’ Cancelation Sparks Concern Over Josh’s Well-Being

Josh Duggar has been keeping a low profile since his sexual molestation scandal surfaced in May, and fans of 19 Kids and Counting are now concerned about his well-being in light of TLC’s decision to cancel the family’s popular reality show.

Rumors that the Duggars have Josh under a suicide watch and are concerned about possible depression have been circulating for weeks. However, his absence from recent family photos may indicate that the family is most concerned with saving their image and want to shift the focus away from their son’s scandal.

Josh’s parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, recently posted a photo of their family at an engagement celebration for their niece, Amy Duggar, on their official Facebook page. Missing from the pic? Josh Duggar. Although his very-pregnant wife Anna was in the photo, Perez Hilton speculates that the family intentionally left Josh out of the photo to avoid more backlash from critics.

Last month, Hollywood Life referenced an unconfirmed report that Josh Duggar was ‘isolated and depressed,” and his family was concerned that his guilt over the sexual molestation scandal would cause him to “do something drastic.”

Weeks later, the publication changed their story, citing a “close family source” who stated that although Josh was having a hard time coming to terms with the situation, suicide was not a concern. Josh Duggar was reportedly getting “help from his family,” but there was no mention of the eldest Duggar getting any professional counseling, and killing himself was not something that would happen.

“He is getting a lot if support from family and friends. It’s a rough road he is dealing with rightnow but he is getting through it… killing himself has never crossed his mind. He sure as h**l is feeling the pressure of the situation but physical harm is not the end game.”

Meanwhile, the Duggars have been asking for prayers for Josh’s pregnant wife Anna, who is reportedly past her due date. In addition to their prayer request posted on Facebook, Jim Bob and Michelle addressed their fans with a statement about the cancelation of their reality show, hinting that an upcoming documentary would feature at least two members of the Duggar family.

TLC confirmed that they will be airing a “commercial free” special about child sexual abuse “later this summer” that will focus on this devastating problem. The network is reportedly partnering with two victims’ rights and advocacy groups —RAINN and Darkness to Light — and will work with both organizations and the Duggar family to produce the special. The one-hour documentary will feature two of the Duggar’s daughters, Jill and Jessa, and “other survivors affected by abuse.”

[Image: TLC]