Boston Snow Finally Gone -- Or Is It? Also, Tons Of Garbage Remain [Video]

Boston finally can say goodbye to the piles of snow that lingered for months. After a historic snowfall, the Massachusetts capital seemed to spend weeks digging out. The city received 110 inches of snow during the winter months, and a huge pile was created to cope with it.

That 75-foot "tower of snow" didn't simply go away. Instead, the increasingly dirty and depressing ice hill lingered for months. Even worse, as the dirty snow melted, mounds of disgusting trash were slowly revealed. To say the mess was far from aesthetically pleasing is a bit of an understatement.

Apparently, underneath the many feet of snow that Boston plows pushed to the massive mound was garbage -- lots and lots of garbage. Officials said it was due to snowstorms hitting the city around the time residents put their garbage out for collection. Unfortunately, the trash is in part to blame for why the dirty snow hill lingered for months. According to CNN meteorologist Scot Pilie, the trash "helped insulate the snow" from the Sun's rays. The warming temperatures and bright sunlight would otherwise have helped get rid of the wintry mess many weeks ago.

Pilie also credited an unusually cool Spring with helping to slow down the melting process.

"An unusually cool spring and below-average rainfall in April and May provided for ideal slow-melting conditions."
The Boston snow became something of a staple of the city, with residents participating in guessing contests as to when all the snow would finally disappear. Even Mayor Martin Walsh got in on the "fun", offering a one-on-one meeting with whoever managed to correctly guess the date. Some were skeptical the snow would ever leave, grimly predicting that the slush would linger into a new winter season.

Luckily, the snow did melt, and the tower is free of the winter precipitation. And that's the end of the good fortune. Boston residents were left with something far worse than depressingly dirty snow to contend with -- tons of garbage that were left behind. Although Walsh invited Boston citizens to celebrate the "official" departure of winter with a barbecue, at least one local wants to know when to expect the departure of all the trash that remains.

Incredibly, even though the "tower of snow" is gone, the area is not entirely free of the remnants of a harsh winter. In the Dorchester neighborhood, there is apparently a pile of snow still hanging on -- despite temperatures of around 80 degrees.

[Image Credit: tonynetone / Flickr]