Watch Two UFO Light Orbs Fly Past International Space Station On NASA's Live Video Transmission

JohnThomas Didymus

Prolific YouTube UFO hunter Streetcap1 has spotted, on the live video feed of the International Space Station (ISS), two UFO light orbs flying below the ISS in orbit.

Streetcap1 estimated that the two orbs must have been flying at a speed of thousands of miles per hour, because they appeared to overtake the ISS.

The footage below shows the orbs moving across the screen, apparently in the same direction as the ISS, and out of the field of view of the camera mounted on the orbiting station, implying that the orbs were moving faster than the space station.

"Thought it was maybe two Jets at first, but they would have to be doing thousands of miles an hour. They eventually disappear at the right hand side of the screen as the camera cannot keep up with them."

Judging from the constant relative orientation as they move across the screen, the two orbs could actually be lights of a single UFO.

The latest sighting by Streetcap1 comes only about three weeks after the Internet went gaga over footage shot from the ISS showing three UFOs apparently flying out of the Earth's atmosphere. But only after about a few seconds into the footage, NASA cut the live feed due to an alleged "loss of signal."

But UFO hunters and conspiracy theorists, who have for years accused NASA of cutting the ISS video transmission whenever UFOs appear on the live stream, raised a protest that drew the attention of the Internet.

"BINGO caught them red handed leaving earth's orbit. That's the kind of proof that is needed."

"Cuting the cameras more than just confirms its true."

"Cuting the cameras more than just confirms its true."

As the Inquisitr noted, sightings of UFO orbs on the ISS live feed are fairly common, with four sightings recorded in three months between October, 2014, and January, 2015.

"In the three-month period between October of last year and January of 2015, four distinct sightings of UFO objects were recorded on NASA video, giving rise to numerous conspiracy theories claiming that NASA is fully aware of alien spacecraft that visit Earth or fly above the planet's atmosphere — but the space agency is covering up this secret knowledge."
"Orbs are not uncommon at the space station. They actually stop by frequently. I would estimate that there are about 2-6 orbs per day, but watching 24 hours of ISS footage is hard to do."

[Images: YouTube/Streetcap1, via UFO Sightings Daily]