‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 12 Starts Production: Time To Get Ready For Big Changes

The Grey’s Anatomy cast is back to work this week. The cast shared photos from the set starting on Monday, and the first table reading for the season premiere script was held on Wednesday afternoon. The cast is excited to head back to work, but there are some big changes ahead for Grey’s Anatomy.

The cast is even worried about the season ahead.

Camilla Luddington spoke with TV Line about Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 at Comic Con over the weekend, and she knows that Jo and Alex are headed for trouble. The couple has spent the last three seasons in a good place, and she knows that is not the norm for the series.

“I’m nervous because Jo and Alex have had three seasons of being pretty good like, which is really unusual on Grey’s. They’ve had issues, but they’ve gotten over them. So, that makes me think that they moved in together I just don’t trust that things are going to continue to go well.”

However, the actress has revealed in interviews that if Alex proposed right now, Jo would likely accept the proposal. It is not known if a proposal is coming this season though.

The biggest change the series will face this season is the continued impact of Derek’s death on the hospital and everyone that knew him. Caterina Scorsone spoke with Design & Trend about Derek’s death. He was her brother, and he exited the series not long after she joined the cast as a regular. His death has a huge impact on Amelia.

“I think Derek, ultimately, he’s her brother, but he also became her father figure. I think they were both here when their father was murdered. They were the only ones there, so he’s the only one there. He’s the only one in the world who knows all of the trauma she’s been through with that. I think he became a replacement parental figure to her to a certain degree. It’s almost like she’s lost a father figure twice now. I think just having that person in her life that knows her, that she knows cares about her regardless of whether or not they’re competing or in a fight. Having that core important male figure gone is going to be hard for her.”

With Martin Henderson signing on to join the cast for Season 12, a new batch of interns at the hospital, and a new battle for Chief of Surgery coming, fans have a lot to look forward to.

Meredith will also have a new focus on her character. It has been teased that fans might see Meredith deal with Alzheimers this season, but that has not yet been mentioned by Shonda Rhimes or the cast. When asked about the possibility, Rhimes has kept quiet.

Right now, it does appear that the cast is excited to be back on set. Check out the photos and tweets from the Grey’s Anatomy cast below.

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What do you think? Are you excited for the start of Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 production?

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