Carrie Bradshaw’s “Sex and the City” Townhouse Sells For $10M

The ultimate Sex and the City fan ain’t nothing without the ultimate Sex and the City collectible. I’m talking about the townhouse that Carrie Bradshaw called home for six seasons and two films (well, the one used for the exterior, anyway) which has just sold for a price tag just under $10 million.

The New York City townhouse that was used in exterior shots for Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment in the highly successful HBO show was nabbed off the housing market for $9.85 million, according to reports. It’s located on Perry Street in the West Village, and was asking just $9.65 million, meaning the final sale was $200,000 more than the listing. This, of course, suggests huge demand for the locale, further evidenced by the fact that this is the second time in six months that the property has changed hands. According to the New York Observer, the property sold for $9 million after being on the market just a few days back in November 2011. That was 6% more than the asking price then. It was re-listed this March for $650,000 more than it previously sold for, and got even more in the final sale.

Carrie Bradshaw's townhouse

No one knows who sold or bought the townhouse, as they have gone to great lengths to keep it hush-hush. Whoever they are, they get 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, an eat-in kitchen and a sun room. The house is 4,1000 square feet, four floors, a basement, and even a backyard. They get a stoop that was featured prominently in the first couple seasons of City as a brooding spot for Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, and apartments that once hosted the likes of fashion guru Tim Gunn, documentary filmmaker Wheaton Galentine, and designer Harold Eliot Leeds.

The only downside is the tourists.