Comic publishers living in one of their imaginary worlds

We hear a lot about the newspaper industry saying silly things about blogs and social media services like Twitter. From Associated Press wanting money for people using quotes of AP stories if the quotes are more than five words to John Kerry suggesting that democracy is threatened if newspapers fail the industry points to blogs and social media services as the big villains. As archaic and stupid as those assumptions are it would appear that the news industry isn't alone in these delusions.

In a personal opinion post on the Newsarama blog Lucas Siegel lets us in on how major players in the comic publishing world have fallen into the same trap. According to Lucas three of these people; Tom Brevoort, Brian Michael Bendis and Joe Quesada, have been moaning about how their messages on Twitter have been republished on blogs like Newsarama as part of their reporting of the industry. It is their feeling that this shouldn't be done without permission or payment to whoever originally made the tweet.


Not only that but he also goes onto talk about some sort of sense of entitlement that people have who repost this kind of stuff


Joe Quesada on the other hand comes right out asks where is his check for the use of his tweets which only goes to show how little these guys have been paying attention to the world around them


I hate to be the one to break it to these guys but this argument has already been hashed out and guess what – it's called fair usage so no pennies for you. What they also seem to fail to realize, even though Brian Bendis just thinks we are all being lazy, is that at a time when promotion and publicity is hard to find all this talk could be working for them. Instead with attitudes like theirs all they are going to get is negative reactions and discussions that will do nothing to promote their brands.

It is kind of sad to see that this protectionist attitude isn't just limited to your typical old media outlets.

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