Pennsylvania Man, 68, Arrested After Flying 2,000 Miles To Arizona To Have Sex With Horse

A 68-year-old Pennsylvania man was arrested after flying 2,000 miles to Arizona to meet with a horse owner online – who was an actual undercover detective – to have sex with one of their horses, according to the Arizona Republic.

Arizona police officers became suspicious of Michael Crawford after he posted an ad online about committing bestiality in October, 2014. Investigators contacted Crawford, pretending to be a horse owner who was willing to let him engage in perverted sex acts on the animal.

Seven months after Crawford communicated with the fictitious horse owner -- via email and over the phone -- about what he wanted to do to the horse sexually, he made arrangements to meet up with the horse.

He booked a round-trip to Phoenix, Arizona, where he believed he was going to meet the horse. Once he arrived late Friday night at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, he was approached by two Maricopa officers.

The undercover officers took him to a trailer near Southern Avenue and Avondale Boulevard in Tolleson, where he was shown two ponies. However, Crawford wasn't able to play out his fantasies, as the officers revealed their true identities.

Crawford was immediately arrested on conspiracy to commit bestiality charges.

While in police custody, he told police that his plan was to not only have sex with the animal, but to have the horse urinate on him. He showed police five t-shirts he recently purchased to prepare for the sexual act.

"When he was arrested he was shocked. He said I didn't do anything. Well, he did. Conspiracy," Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said.

According to reports, this wasn't his first attempt to commit bestiality. In fact, Crawford had been flying across the country and making arrangements to have sex with animals since 1970.

"Perversion has reached a new level," said Arpaio.

"I take this crime seriously. It is part of my office's fight against animal abuse. These animals are not meant to be sex toys for the perverted."
Crawford was booked into the Fourth Avenue Jail, and is now facing a class 6 felony.