G Spot Discovered? Medical Community Skeptical About Doctor’s Claim

The search for the G-spot is over. Maybe. Dr. Adam Ostrzenski, a cosmetic gynecologist and director of the Institute of Gynecology in St. Petersburg, Fla., claims that he has located the female pleasure center.

Ostrzenski said that he discovered the G-spot during the dissection of an 83-year-old women. In the Journal of Sexual Medicine, Ostrzenski writes that the he discovered a grape-like structure on the front wall of the vagina.

Ostrzenski said:

“The anatomic existence of the G-spot was documented with potential impact on the practice and clinical research in the field of female sexual function. The anatomic discovery of the G-spot existence may inspire a new study for establishing the anatomic presence of ‘a female prostate.'”

The journal’s editor in chief, Irwin Goldstein, said in a release:

“This case study in a single cadaver adds to the growing body of literature regarding women’s sexual anatomy and physiology.”

But the doctor’s medical peers aren’t convinced that the G-spot actually exists. Beverly Whipple, who coined the term “G Spot” in 1982, isn’t convinced that the grapelike cluster is evidence of the mythical pleasure center.

Whipple said: “I have no idea what this thing is that he found. We don’t even know if this tissue is normal.”

One big doubt hanging over the discovery is that the strange tissue has only been found on one woman.


Several medical studies have been conducted in an attempt to confirm the existence of the G-spot. A group of researchers in Israel recently conducted a study but were unable to locate the “spot.” The report was published in the same journal earlier this year.

Kristin Mark, a doctoral candidate at Indiana University, also took issue with Ostrzenski’s discovery. Mark writes that Ostrzenski is a cosmetic gynecologist and stands to make a lot of money if the exact location of the G-spot is located.

Mark told the NY Daily News:

“Dr. Ostrzenski is a cosmetic gynecologist, and leading the public to believe that female sexual function will be improved by this discovery has the potential for major profit for his practice. Claims are already being made based on this research that you can ‘regain your self-confidence with genitalia rejuvenation,’ despite these procedures having tragic consequences for many women.”

What do you think? Does the G spot exist?