Hot Google Trends: Kelly Ripa, Justin Bieber, Mike Trout, All-Star Game, Bank Of Canada

Google first introduced the ability for users to see data related to popular searches in 2007. Since then, Google has continually improved: adding Google Trends and Trending Searches. Most recently, as Wired reported last month, Google has begun supplying real-time data to its Trends and Trends Searches applications.

This new real-time aspect appeals to a wide variety of users: writers, investors, and Internet marketers are just a few of the different occupations who are finding uses for real-time search and trend statistics.

One of the most useful things about Google trends is that trends are ranked using a complex formula that is more interested in how a search is performing relative to its own average number of views rather than comparing a search for Justin Bieber or Donald Trump with a search for LPGA golfer Pernilla Lindberg.

At this point in her career, Ms. Lindberg just can’t compete with the Biebs and the Donald for sheer hits, and Google understands this. Rather than penalizing a relatively lesser-known, yet still bona fide, star, and keeping information that people would be interested knowing buried, Google Trends has a devised a system that compares the percentage increase of a search relative to its own average. In this way, Google has ensured a fairly even playing field and visibility for all.

Hot Google Trends For July 15, 2015

Kelly Ripa, Justin Bieber

Recent reports indicate that Justin Bieber has expressed that he has a “huge crush” on Kelly Ripa, leading Internet users to flock for their names and the Google search to trend.

Modern Family, Eric Stonestreet, Bethenny Frankel

Rumors about Eric Stonestreet and Bethenny Frankel swirl. The searches took off and began trending late on July 13., Walmart

Amazon and Wal-Mart are each holding popular sales on July 15. Amazon is holding its Prime Day and Wal-Mart is offering deep discounts and what are being called “atomic” deals.

MLB, Major League Baseball, All-Star Game, Mike Trout, American League

Mike Trout is the first person to ever earn back-to-back MLB All-Star Game Most Valuable Player awards sending Google keywords to new highs and beginning a new trend.

Bank of Canada, Canada

The Bank of Canada cut interest rates in Canada today, sending the Google trends skyward.


South Carolina, Holly Hill

An unfortunate story from Holly Hill, South Carolina, caused many to search and these terms to trend.

Nick Cave, Death

Google users searching for information about the son of singer Nick Cave, who has suffered an untimely death, apparently falling from a cliff, have sent these terms trending.

Amy Poehler, Tina Fey

Popular actors Amy Poehler and Tina Fey have appeared together in a movie trailer for the upcoming film Sisters, sending fans searching and their names on an upward Google search trend.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan / Getty Images]