Golfer Paige Spiranac Crowned ‘The Hottest Female Athlete On Earth’

Tim Butters

Golf has never been what pundits like to call a "sexy sport," but one up and coming unconventional swinger is hoping to change all that - her name is Paige Spiranac.

Paige is what you might call a swinging success story. The golfing beauty has already been described by Sportsgrid as "The hottest female athlete on the earth and there is no arguing this."

Gushing in their praise for a certain type of golfing aesthetic which Paige best exemplifies, they wrote, "Damn, wow, holy smokes — that is one lovely looking world-class athlete."


Former San Diego State University golfer Paige Spiranac is, according to Fox News, "breaking the internet" and the pouty putter is causing quite the stir on Instagram, where she has 105k followers.

Yet Paige, who hails from Monument, Colorado isn't just using her looks to get noticed, the 22-year-old swinger has got plenty of game too.

Spiranac first made a name for herself when her college golf team's trick shots video went viral and amassed more than 1.5 million views on YouTube.

Recently, Spiranac won the Colorado State Match Play title at Raccoon Creek Golf Course, shooting a 68 in one of her rounds to bag the "medallist" award for the best round of the week.

She's a genuine golfing talent with a real love of the game, as the "queen of the greens" explained to The Gazette newspaper in Colorado Springs.

"I absolutely love golf. It totally beats doing back handsprings on a 4-inch (balance) beam and defying death."
"Key to it all is Paige's recently-created Instagram page, which doesn't show her crushing straight drives, sinking devilish putts or hitting beautifully-flighted irons. Instead, it shows her in a succession of low-cut, skin tight outfits."



For example, Paige Spiranac has already outstripped Gee Chun in Google's search rankings. Considering Chun won the U.S Woman's Open on Sunday, that's no mean feat

It remains to be seen if Paige will translate her high-profile image into titles, but no doubt she'll have no shortage of spectators along the way.

(All images via Paige Spiranac/Instagram)