November 18, 2016
14-Year-Old Girls Bullied: Facebook Video Goes Viral [Video]

A distressing video of two 14-year-old girls being bullied has gone viral on Facebook with over six million views. And the public is horrified by the abuse the girls suffered. Police are even investigating the case. The 14-year-old girls were accused of giving "dirty looks" to female teenage bullies. One of the 14-year-olds is then told to get on her knees to apologize. The bully repeatedly screams at the victim to get on her knees and "say sorry." Even as the victim apologizes apparently out of fear, she is struck in the face with an empty handbag. After her handbag was emptied, it was thrown in the road, according to METRO.

The abusive bully, thought to be 16 years old, then shoves the victim's 14-year-old friend to the ground, pinning her and smacking her in the head with her bag, stating "[w]hat are you going to do? You're a little girl. What are you going to do? Are you going to say sorry? Who are you growling at? Say sorry for not getting on your knees." The victim repeatedly, in desperation, asks her friends to call her grandmother for help. The bully further humiliates her victim by making her take her shoes and socks off, throwing them in the road. Her handbag is emptied, and the contents thrown out, including a perfume bottle, which is smashed violently to the ground.

Detectives have already spoken to one of the bullies, as well as the male youth who videotaped the sickening ordeal. Inspector John Askew from Birmingham South Police said that the "response from members of the public, clearly disgusted by what they've seen online, has been overwhelming and we've had lots of people getting in touch to provide names of those responsible."


Askew stated that they are taking this very seriously, and indicated the following. "We have identified the two main suspects and plans are in place for one of the girls, a 16-year-old, to attend a police station for questioning.... We understand the other main suspect is out of the country on holiday but we will speak to her upon her return. I would like to reassure everyone this is being treated very seriously and that the enquiry is progressing....under no circumstances should anyone take matters into their own hands as this could leave them liable to prosecution themselves."

DS Dean Gordon, of Birmingham Police, noted that the violence seen in this encounter is not acceptable and justice will be brought to the victims.

"The violence shown against these two girls is completely unacceptable....we will not tolerate this kind of bullying and those involved will be brought to justice."
What penalty do you believe should be given to the bullies? Do you think that the fact that they are juveniles should be taken into account? Please leave your comments below.

Unfortunately, bullying occurs at all ages but is never acceptable. Simon Moore, 30, was born with Treacher Collins Syndrome. Treacher Collins Syndrome affects one in 50,000 babies and is characterized by craniofacial deformities such as the absence of cheekbones. He is also profoundly deaf. As a result of his differences, he has faced cruel abuse and bullying throughout his life, according to an article in the Inquisitr.

[Video Courtesy YouTube, Photo Courtesy Facebook]