‘Trove’ Developers Working Hard To Alleviate Queues, Compensation Coming Soon

Shortly after the launch of Trove on July 9, the new influx of players from Steam and those new to the game for its launch caused plenty of stress to the game’s servers. Players were often met with queues when logging in and the server often caused rubber banding issues and disconnects during the game’s challenges every hour. With a number of stability hotfixes and a little down time for server expansion over the weekend, Trion Worlds updated Trove with a new patch today. Entitled as the “Dancing Allies and Server Capacity Edition,” the patch addresses many of the ailments players have been dealing with since the game’s launch.

The new update touches on hardware expansion to increase server capacity, but other fixes and changes are also included. The new Tomb Raiser class, for example, was improved by making his minions stronger in general. Additionally, as the name would suggest, ally pets now dance with the player when using the /dance command.

A boomeranger in Trove

Alongside the update, game director Andrew Krausnick posted a lengthy status update on Trove‘s launch and what the developers are doing to improve the situation. Krausnick mentions that all players will be compensated with a few Shadow Keys, an item often lost due to disconnects. Additionally, people that played on Saturday will receive their 1000 Cubits since the daily Cubit reward bugged during that time. Finally, once the server is completely stable and Trove gets past its “rough patch,” players can expect something else. Krausnick did not specify what that compensation would be, however.

Although hardware has been expanded and capacity increased, many players are going to be stuck in a queue during the day. It is apparent that Trove developers were not expecting this response on their official release considering how long the open beta was available and how easy it was to sign up before the game’s launch.

It is also important to note that the queue timer is often incorrect when logging in. For instance, a recent queue reported a 873-minute wait but the player entered the game within 40 minutes. The wait is still there, but it is often not as long as expected.

Trove is, of course, available right now and can be downloaded via Steam or Trion World’s Glyph launcher. In fact, Trove is performing quite well on the Steam Stats page, often appearing in the Top 10. The peak today, as of this writing, is over 50,000 concurrent players, a staggering number for a traditional MMO on Steam.

[Images via Trove]