'Star Wars Battlefront' Co-op Missions Won't Offer Multiplayer Progression Or Experience Rewards

David Stonecipher

When the cooperative missions for Star Wars Battlefront were first announced, fans were told that the objective-based content would provide a secondary experience to the large-scale competitive matches at the heart of the game. Unfortunately, it now looks like these co-op missions will only serve as a small distraction intended to push gamers into playing the title's full multiplayer mode.

While answering a series of commonly asked questions from the community, Star Wars Battlefront community manager Mathew Everett revealed that the smaller missions won't provide players with the same level of rewards as competitive gameplay. Specifically, users won't be able to earn any kind character progression since the co-op missions won't grant experience within Star Wars Battlefront.

"Playing Missions does not grant you multiplayer career experience, but it does provide you with credit rewards you can spend on buying unlocks."

Electronic Arts also recently provided a few details on Star Wars Battlefield's co-op missions which will include a variety of different objectives such as survival, battles, and trials. Unfortunately, since it has now been confirmed that players won't be able to gain experience through missions, it is unknown if there will be much point in playing through the content repeatedly.

Revealing additional information about Star Wars Battlefront, Everett also answered a handful of other questions that the development team was frequently asked during last month's E3 event. First of all, players won't be able to control all vehicles that can be found in the game. Some of the ships, such as the classic Y-Wing bomber, will only appear in Star War Battlefront as an AI-controlled vehicle.

"Y-wings are non-player controlled vehicles. They are a support vehicle that you can call into battle within certain game modes."

Star Wars Battlefront is scheduled to launch in mid November, ahead of the theatrical release of Star Wars: Episode VII this holiday season. However, EA revealed that they wouldn't hesitate to delay the game if they felt it needed more time. Thankfully, the publisher has stated that it doesn't look like a delay will be necessary as development of Star Wars Battlefront is still on schedule at this time.

Do you have any interest in the co-op mode of Star Wars Battlefront or do you only plan on playing the title's large, multiplayer matches?

[Images via Star Wars EA]