Girls’ Generation Initiates K-Pop War, Brings Back Rivalry Against Wonder Girls

Presently, there is a lot of chatter in the K-pop community over the return of Girls’ Generation as an eight-member band. Very little was known on what their upcoming album’s theme would be, but the group’s members gave hints on their official social media accounts. Eventually, it was revealed the theme would be a summertime beach party when the album’s official name was announced, which so happens to be Party.

With much going in their favor, Girls’ Generation is ready to takeover the K-pop music scene for the summertime. The are so confident, they nostalgically initiated a K-pop war with their biggest rivals, Wonder Girls.

The gauntlet was thrown by Girls’ Generation during a scheduled appearance on the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) weekly show Music Bank. The group members, specifically Tiffany, discussed goals for their recent comeback in the K-pop scene which included taking on Wonder Girls, as reported by KpopStarz.

“Grabbing the top spot for the whole summer is our main goal. The strongest rival girl group that we have this summer is Wonder Girls.”

Such a statement sounds nostalgic, given the fact both Girls’ Generation and Wonder Girls were in war with each other in the latter part of the last decade. However, the war isn’t a reminiscing, but an omen of events to come. Back in June, Wonder Girls announced their return to the K-pop scene, as reported by Nate (translated through KpopStarz).

It should be noted that the war may be aggressive, but it is still friendly. Tiffany makes such a sentiment expressing nostalgia on going one-on-one with Wonder Girls this coming summer season.

“Although we have to compete with them, it will also make us remember the good times we had together.”

When both K-pop groups are having fun while fighting, everyone in the K-pop community benefits. Going back to the previous war, Girls’ Generation and Wonder Girls exponentially innovated K-pop. “Tell Me” and “Nobody” by Wonder Girls and “Gee” and “Oh!” by Girls’ Generation are just some of their recognizable contributions that pushed K-pop internationally.

[Image via Nate]