Cape Cod Great White Shark: Beachgoers Help Rescue Beached Great White In Chatham [Video]

A Cape Cod great white shark is making headlines this week after it beached itself in Chatham on Monday.

The shark was saved, thanks to beachgoers who were able to keep ocean water on him until he was able to be towed back into the ocean. About 40 people crowded around to get an up close and personal look at the predator, whom many thought had died.

Once realizing that the shark was alive, dozens of people assisted in keeping him alive by filling buckets of water in the ocean and pouring the water over his body.

According to E! News, the male shark was stranded near South Beach in Cape Cod. The 7-footer was apparently trying to catch a bite to eat when he wound up on the sand, thanks to the receding tide. He was unable to get himself back into the water, but was kept alive thanks to the quick-thinking of several beachgoers.

The Cape Cod great white shark was stranded for about an hour, according to Fox News. Dr. Greg Skomal and Harbormaster Stuart Smith stayed with the shark about a mile offshore to make sure that he was okay.

He was tagged before swimming off.

Cape Cod sees quite a few of these big sharks each year. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, two white sharks were spotted near Chatham over the weekend.

“One of the sharks was estimated to be roughly 12-feet-long, while the second, which was spotted roughly a mile from the North Cut, was notably smaller.”

Cape Cod has an abundant seal population, which is one of the reasons so many of these sharks swim in the waters off the Massachusetts coast.

[Photo via YouTube]