VIDEO: Peapod Car Uses Your iPhone As Its Key

A new car by Chrysler will let you use your iPhone as the key. Chrysler’s Peapod, available for preorder as of today, boasts some advanced forms of iPhone integration.

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The Peapod Car: iPhone Power

The Peapod car, according to Chrysler’s marketing materials, lets you dock your iPhone or iPod “for a fun, cutting edge way to start up.” According to the brochure:

“Exclusive software developed specifically for Peapod turns your iPod into a key. Both options are interchangeable and secure.”

The Peapod car will also bring a “Green Meter” app to your iPhone/iPod that measures how much cash you’re saving by using electric power. “Enter the price of gas and the vehicle type you would otherwise be driving, and see your total savings and your savings per trip,” Chrysler explains. The Peapod is 100 percent electric, charging via a 110-volt outlet — a factor said to bring its driving cost as low as 2 cents per mile.

The iPhone/iPod will also integrate GPS functionality and, of course, multimedia material with the vehicle.

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The Peapod car will begin shipping in October. It runs $12,500 — but there is a catch. The Peapod car goes only as fast as 25 miles per hour, and you can drive it only in areas where the speed limit is 35 miles per hour or less.

Peapod Car Video

The following Peapod car video shows the vehicle being demoed on “The Today Show” this morning:

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