Glory Johnson Hits Brittney Griner With $20K Per Month Request For Spousal Support After Griner Seeks To Annul 28-Day Marriage

Brittney Griner has been hit with a request for $20,000 per month in spouse support and $10,000 in legal fees by her soon-to-be-ex-wife Glory Johnson. Griner filed to have the 28-day marriage annulled just one day after Johnson took to social media to announce her pregnancy.

Johnson’s request for the $20,000 comes after her announcement that she is currently carrying twins. Griner has stated in the past that she has no biological connection to the children. The relationship between Griner and Johnson started with a whirlwind romance that turned ugly just weeks before their fairy tale, mountaintop wedding when both Griner and Johnson ended up in jail over a physical domestic dispute.

Just weeks after the wedding, both Griner and Johnson received seven-game suspensions from the WNBA. While Griner pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and began court-ordered treatment, Johnson remained indignant that she was not guilty and intended to fight the charges.

Glory Johnson’s pregnancy caused her to make the decision to sit out this season for the Tulsa Shock. Brittney Griner’s return to the court for the Phoenix Mercury has helped lead the WNBA champs back to a winning streak.

In Johnson’s June 29 response to Griner’s annulment petition to the court, Johnson’s attorney stated that Griner has “far superior control over the family’s financial resources.” Johnson claims that she spent the majority of her money on the wedding, furniture for the couple’s shared home, and in vitro fertilization. Griner claimed in her initial petition that the couple had “minimal” shared debts or financial resources and that she was unaware of Johnson’s in vitro fertilization procedure so there should be no need for spousal maintenance.

While Glory Johnson is a talented basketball player in her own right, Brittney Griner is the more recognized and decorated of the two with a WNBA championship, 2014 WNBA Defensive Player of the Year recognition, a published book, and a recent appearance in the ESPN Body Issue.

Brittney Griner’s rookie year Mercury salary was nearly half of what Johnson is seeking in spousal support at $49,440. Her stellar play bumped that salary up to $235,000 per season, though she was docked for her seven game suspension, and Griner’s estimated net worth is around $2 million thanks to signing bonuses, championship incentives, and off season play in China.

Conversely, Johnson’s Tulsa Shock salary is said to be $90,000 annually and the WNBA forward’s net worth is substantially less at $235,000.

Whether or not Johnson is worthy of the $20,000 per month spousal support from Griner following a 28-day marriage will seemingly be determined by a judge. An evidentiary hearing is scheduled for August 17 in regard to Griner’s petition and Johnson’s counter-petition.

[Image of Brittney Griner provided courtesy of Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images.]