Woman Helps Kidnapped Boy, 7: Boy Recognized By Woman On A Smoke Break After She Sees Amber Alert

A woman helped save a kidnapped boy, 7, while she was on her smoke break at work.

According to Uptown Magazine, Courtney Best, 26, stepped outside Papa Murphy’s Pizza for a cigarette when she recognized a car from an Amber Alert in the Texas area.

“I stepped outside, I was standing by the trashcan, and I [saw] a white car pull up, and I just happen to take my phone with me, cause we don’t look at our phones at work, and I looked down and I saw ‘white Dodge Avenger Amber Alert,’ and I was like, ‘Nah, that’s not him,'” Best recalled.

She tried to stay calm, and to get closer to get a better look at the car’s license plate.

The woman saw the kidnapped boy, 7, with a man, but didn’t want to make any sudden movements because the man was looking right at her. She patiently waited for the man and the boy to get out of the car before making a move.

“The man was walking across the parking lot looking at me … ’cause I was the only person out here, with the little boy, and the little boy looked scared, and I was like, ‘no, that’s not him.’ My stomach started knotting up, so I was like, ‘ahh, I’m gonna go, I’m gonna check and see,'” Best explained.

As soon as the man, and the boy — identified as Nicolas Gomez — went into the dollar store, Best checked the license plate, and realized that it was the car police had been looking for. She quickly dialed 911.

According to Opposing Views, the man and the boy were back in the car and on their way before police arrived, but Best got in her car, and reported the vehicle’s whereabouts to the 911 operator. Once police caught up to the car, they arrested the man, identified as Channing Galbraith. He is currently in jail, facing kidnapping charges.

“That’s why I’m freakin’ out. ‘Cause, what are the odds? What are the odds of me looking at my phone? And I usually don’t even look at amber alerts, as bad as that sounds, I look at them and I don’t really pay attention. And I was like, he couldn’t get from Alice in that little bit of time. Sure enough it was him,” said Best.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Nicholas Gomez didn’t appear to be injured, and has been returned to his family.

[Photo via Twitter]