Bears Take Over Weather Forecast Segment At Local News Stations Outdoor Set

Meteorologists have a tough job sometimes, for example when they report from the eye of a hurricane or in this newest case when the outdoor location where they are filming is over run by a family of black bears.

Station WNEP was reporting on Monday night when meteorologist Kurt Aaron was forced to retreat indoors after a mother and three cubs started walking through the stations outdoor set. According to Aaron when he realized the bears were just 10 feet away from him. “I rank like I stole something.”

The weather segment was completed indoors as the bears continued to trounce around the outdoor TV station set.

Kurt admits he was told not to run away from bears throughout his life but then chose to disregard that advice when he realized that he was “closer to the bear than I was to getting back to the building.”

While the experience was probably a bit harrowing Aaron was still able to laugh it off, telling the Times Tribune:

“I didn’t realize how fast I could run for a 44-year-old guy.”

Other animals that have graced the stations outdoor set include foxes, raccoons, skunks and of course meteorologists.

In the meantime station representatives are now working on a way from keeping bears and other animals off the outdoor set.

It’s not too often that news reporters end up turning into the news but watch the video below and you’ll understand why it was reported:

Would you choose to turn and run or play dead for a family of bears?