Alfalfa, ‘Little Rascals’ Star, Grows Up: Bug ‘Alfalfa’ Hall, Now 30, Shares Viral Post-‘Rascal’ Reunion Photos [Video]

Alfalfa, Little Rascals character played by Bug Hall, has grown up. Hall portrayed Alfalfa in 1994’s Little Rascals movie, and now that he’s 30, he’s not so little anymore, reported ABC News.

When bearded Bug shared selfies, Internet went wild. Hall followed up on Twitter, making it clear that he’s happily surprised that Alfalfa and Little Rascal fans are still strong.

“I guess weird stuff happened this morning. Here’s another beard pic for you weirdos from buzzfeed ;]” tweeted Bug.

Blame the initial buzz on Buzzfeed, which described Bug as a “lumbersexual.”

And although it’s only just now gone viral, it turns out that Hall has been sharing his post-Alfalfa Little Rascals life for months with the hashtag #BugLife.

Alfalfa of "Little Rascals" fame has grown up.
Alfalfa of "Little Rascals" fame has grown up.

“I take too many selfies. Seriously it’s a problem, I’m like a teenage girl… with a freakin SICK beard, yo! #BugLife”

“I’m thinking about using this as my new headshot…”

Bug Hall shares his post-Alfalfa "Little Rascals" life.
Bug Hall shares his post-Alfalfa "Little Rascals" life.

“Friday night turn-up with all my friends…”

And before he grew his beard, Bug mocked himself.

“I can’t decide if this is old Alfalfa or young Doctor Who…”

Alfalfa of the "Little Rascals" is all grown up and has gotten a life.
Alfalfa of the "Little Rascals" is all grown up and has gotten a life.

As for what’s involved in Bug’s life, his Twitter description sums it up.

“Still a rascal… just bigger. Actor, Writer, Garage Philosopher, Gunslinger #BugLife #BackToOne #PAX”

For those who want more of Hall, Bug has pursued his passion for acting in his post-Alfalfa Little Rascals career, reported MSN.

His entertainment industry credits include Castle, Revolution, Masters of Sex, CSI, and Nikita.

In 2014, The Little Rascals cast celebrated its 20th reunion, reported Entertainment Tonight.

Adapted from the Our Gang short films and the TV show The Little Rascals, the film offered a new view of Alfalfa, Spanky, and their pals.

“When you get older and realize that we are part of a lot of people’s nostalgia, that’s a powerful thing,” said Hall.

“I think we’re all surprised about how classic the film was and how it really just grew and it’s still something people reference today,” added Ross Bagley (“Buckwheat”).

Although the cast members ranged in age from 4 to 9 when they starred in the movie, they remember it fondly, added Bug.

“Every moment of that movie was so locked into our memories,” said grown-up Alfalfa of his Little Rascals experience.

Credit Brian Pocrass, Producer & CEO/Founder of 22 Vision, for arranging the reunion.

As to whether there might be a TV show reboot in the future? As the Inquisitr reported, Full House is now experiencing that type of revival. Although Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen have bowed out, much of the rest of the original cast is returning for Fuller House.

[Images Via Bug Hall/Twitter]