Mino Of K-Pop Band ‘Winner’ Formally Apologizes To Korean Gynecologists Association For Saucy Lyrics

The Korean music industry has a lot more to deal with than ever before. Its tantamount popularity is actually the linchpin for a lot of South Korea’s increased success over the years. K-dramas and K-variety shows are now a viable contender for television-watching audiences internationally thanks to K-pop crossovers, and both have ushered in growth in South Korea’s tourism. Ergo, production labels are doing their best to form the next Girls’ Generation or Big Bang.

One such K-pop band starting to make waves recently is Winner. Following what fans are calling one of the best K-pop band debuts of 2014, they’ve dazzled fans with their tours. Now they are aiming for a comeback this year, though it may be notorious thanks to Mino. Apparently, Mino is being demanded to give a formal apology to the Korean Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (KAOG). The reasons: his saucy lyrics during a rap competition.

As mentioned above, Song Min Ho (known professionally as Mino) made up some saucy lyrics during an appearance on the Korean rap battle show Show Me The Money 4. Though rap lyrics may at times be misogynistic, the KAOG specifically took offense to Mino’s lyrics because they felt it defamed women’s health, as provided in a statement on their official website.

“The Korean Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists express our official stance regarding idol group WINNER Song Min Ho’s rap lyrics, ‘Mino targets all the daughters, spread (your legs) like you’re at the gynecologist’ heard in the July 10 airing of Mnet’s Show Me The Money. Not only did the lyrics sexually humiliate all women of Korea, but it also defamed Korean women’s health, as well as the 4000 obstetrics and gynecology doctors registered in our association, who give medical examination and treatment around the clock, 24 hours a day for 365 days a year to take care of the health of women and the new lives (babies) that will be carrying on Korea’s future in the 21st century.”

As such, Mino has personally apologized to the KAOG through Winner’s official Facebook page, as reported by AllKpop. The association did not take the apology as sincere because it was through social media. Ergo, they demanded Mino, Mnet, and YG Entertainment to send an official, formal apology, which has reportedly been done.

“This morning, Mnet, YG Entertainment, and Song Min Ho have each sent letters of apology. Mnet’s production staff also called to tell us that everyone affiliated with the program will personally visit to apologize in person. YG Entertainment also called to ask if there are any further steps that they should take to remedy the situation.”

“We have determined their apologies to be sincere, so we are accepting their apology. We also hope that a sincere apology will also be delivered to the women of Korea, and that this will help break the stereotypes about gynecologists and their practice.”

Because of this debacle, the third episode of Show Me The Money 4 has been edited not to include Mino’s freestyle rap. Also, any video clips on social video sites have been forcibly taken down, too.

[Image via Koreaboo]