WWE News: Reason For Dolph Ziggler Being Written Off WWE TV Revealed

For those that noticed something different on WWE Raw last night, it was the absence of Dolph Ziggler, one of the most popular WWE superstars on their roster. He is currently in a feud with Rusev and Summer Rae, which paired him up with Lana. It’s certainly a love triangle, but one that has the potential for great matches at SummerSlam and beyond.

After his departure last week on WWE Raw, Rusev took him out and he was sent to the hospital. To set the standard, Ziggler wasn’t hurt in real life. This injury is purely storyline-based. However, it does make Rusev look very strong and it has the potential for Ziggler and Lana to return as bigger babyfaces than before.

Something needed to be done with this feud, because a good majority of the WWE fans weren’t interested, even though it has two great wrestlers and two entertaining valets. Summer Rae and Lana play the role perfectly.

With Ziggler written off WWE TV, there is a concern among WWE fans that he will miss SummerSlam. The former World Heavyweight champion will not be gone for that long of a time. According to Daily Wrestling News, Dolph Ziggler’s write-off on WWE television is finally revealed.

“Ziggler is ‘out of action indefinitely’ in the WWE storylines because he’s going to Vancouver this week to star in a WWE Studios thriller titled ‘6:42.’ Dolph’s character will be a cop named Ray Fitzpatrick, who has to overcome his past while dealing with a plot to blow up a child with a bomb strapped to their chest.”

The report goes on to mention that Ziggler will miss 4-6 weeks, which will get him back before SummerSlam near the end of August. Also, PWInsider is reporting that Dolph Zigler signing a new WWE contract is very possible at this point. After much speculation, it seems like it finally happened.

In an earlier report by the Inquisitr, it was unsure if Ziggler would make it back for SummerSlam. That’s also another indication that Ziggler might have re-signed a WWE contract. Why would they continue a Rusev feud if he was leaving? Nothing is confirmed yet at this point, but it’s fair to speculate that Dolph Ziggler is indeed staying in WWE.

After Rusev, is it fair for Dolph Ziggler to get a WWE championship run? His work ethic is off the charts and WWE officials seem to be high on him still. The WWE Universe already loves the Show-Off, so what a WWE title run seems logical.

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