Kathryn Thomson Planned Child Rape Just To Keep Sicko Boyfriend Shayne Lund Happy, Court Told

Kathryn Thomson pleaded guilty in a Canadian court earlier this year to a series of horrendous crimes. What made these crimes more shocking was it coming from a 21-year-old young woman who seemed, by all appearances, perfectly normal.

In February, she admitted to plotting with her boyfriend, Shayne Lund, 24, to kidnap and rape a four-year-old girl, as well giving him advice and encouragement in his stated desire to drug and sexually assault a 12-year-old.

Thomson photographed a girl naked and sent the photos to Lund, she confessed. And because in addition to his sick urges to molest children, Lund also fantasized about sexual acts with animals, Thomson photographed herself having sexual contact with her family’s dog, she admitted.

But now she says she would never have allowed Lund, who also pleaded guilty to numerous child sex abuse and child pornography charges, to actually attack the children.

“It was all an act to keep him happy,” she said, an Ontario court was told last week.

The court-appointed psychiatrist who evaluated Thomson turned in a 60-page report on the woman’s mental condition on Thursday.

According to the psych report, Thomson became Lund’s girlfriend and began having sex with him when she was just 15 — a relationship that quickly evolved into an unshakably powerful attachment to Lund, who used her devotion to him to manipulate her into doing his bidding.

Thomson, for example, would always cover all costs when the two went on dates, fearing his easily triggered anger, she told the psychiatrist.

Lund also openly maintained relationships with other women, and Thomson told the shrink that she was so “terrified” of losing Lund to one of the competing women that she “pretended” to share his sick sexual attraction to children and animals — and participated in his plans to make his horrifying fantasies come true.

As reported in the Inquisitr story at this link, one of Lund’s other girlfriends, 21-year-old Avery Taylor did, in fact, help him sexually assault a five-year-old girl while Lund filmed the attempted rape with his video camera. Taylor also entered a guilty plea to a litany of child sex abuse charges earlier this year.

Two weeks ago, a Canadian court released an evidence file containing dozens of text messages between Taylor and Lund in which the couple discussed Lund’s craving for violent sex with very young girls. The two even discussed having children together, with Lund saying that if they had a daughter, he hoped to rape her.

Psychiatric evaluations of Lund himself and his other girlfriend, Taylor, are still in process. But psychiatrist Dr Jeff McMaster, who examined Thomson, concluded that the woman had no genuine sexual attraction to children or animals, and in all likelihood was the victim of Lund’s manipulations.

Kathryn Thomson should not be classified as a “long term sex offender” he reported, a classification that would carry substantially greater penalties.

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