Mel Gibson Is Art Director For Big-Budget 3D Chinese Movie ‘The Bombing’ Starring Bruce Willis [Video]

Mel Gibson agreed to be Art Director for a big budget Chinese movie, The Bombing. The multilingual movie has over 30 famous actors and actresses, including Hollywood action star Bruce Willis.

Veteran actor and filmmaker Mel Gibson has joined the crew of 3D war movie The Bombing. Gibson announced his new role as art director of the $65 million star-studded movie at a press conference at the movie’s Xiangshan production base, reported Variety. Speaking about Gibson’s involvement, leading Chinese producer and director Dr. Shi Jianxiang, who is also the founder and CEO of Shanghai Kuailu Investment Group, said as follows.

“Mel is interested in what happened during that period of time, and provided relevant suggestions on how to make the movie. He is very insightful.”

Dr. Shi Jianxiang was referring to the time period the movie is set in. The Bombing is about the horrific bombing of Chongqing by the Japanese in WWII. The movie portrays the hardship suffered by Chinese people at that time. Interestingly, all of the major air-raids and the devastation they caused have been turned into big-budget movies — except the bombing of Chongqing. Dr. Shi Jianxiang categorically mentioned that he wanted to make The Bombing as a demonstration of China’s national spirit against fascism.

“I hope audiences around the world can appreciate the cruelty of war and our courage, determination and capability to fight against it. China needs such movies that deliver hope and spirit. I invested [in] the movie to mark the 70th anniversary of the Allied victory over fascism in memory of that miserable period of time in Chinese history. We cannot forget what happened in the past. istory made us what we are today.”

The Bombing’s director, Xiao Feng, added the following.

“We chose a charismatic cast and crew in order to encourage more youngsters to remember history.”

Though he may not be one of the “youngsters” Feng was referring to, speaking about his involvement, Gibson added as follows.

“It has been a very interesting experience filming this movie. We share similar objectives no matter who we are, actors or director. So I am grateful to have such opportunities to express my thought no matter how much I have contributed to the movie.”

Mel Gibson is no stranger to blood, gore, and violence, and he has been critically acclaimed for creating an epic movie with all the aspects that glorify mayhem. His success behind the camera is evident from the Best Picture and Best Director awards Gibson bagged in 1996 for Braveheart.

Though it has been more than twenty years since Mel Gibson has set foot in China, the Orient is steadily commanding big bucks and bigger audiences, forcing many Hollywood stars to rethink their strategies.

[Image Credit: Jason Merritt / Getty Images]