‘Haters, I Love You, But For Now You Win’: Serena Williams Caves To Criticism, Heads To Beauty Salon [Video]

Serena Williams is a force to be reckoned with on the tennis court, but many people weren’t congratulating Williams after her big Wimbledon win. Instead, they were criticizing her appearance. After photos of Serena holding her Wimbledon trophy emerged, so did comments on the state of the tennis champion’s eyebrows. Numerous Twitter users called Williams out on her unruly brows, with some even calling them “caterpillars.” However, Serena has taken it all with good stride and posted a video of her recent trip to the beauty salon to get her eyebrows shaped.

Serena Williams posted a video to her Instagram account that shows the tennis diva sitting down for some personal grooming. Williams notes in the post that she “loves” the haters but likes her eyebrows natural. However, she says the haters “win for now.” The victory comes in the form of an eyebrow wax and shaping.

Serena Williams
Serena Williams shares video of eyebrow grooming.

“Lol finally getting them shaped! Hahahha #haters I love you!!! Hahah but I still like them all natural! But for now you win lol.”

Though Williams followed through with the eyebrow wax, many of her fans say she is beautiful with or without her natural eyebrows. The eyebrow criticism isn’t the first the tennis champion has faced regarding her appearance. In fact, J.K. Rowling even tweeted in Williams’ defense after someone claimed the woman’s success was from “being built like a man.”

Serena Williams’ eyebrows really are scary! All that money and no brow tech #NoelGallagherwantsthembadboysback @Wimbledon #Wimbledon2015

— Amanda-Jane (@shufflersgirl) July 7, 2015

One fan even turned to Oprah to help sort out Serena’s eyebrows.

What do you think? Were Serena Williams’ eyebrows really that bad?

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