Rendlesham: Ministry of Defence ‘Men In Black’ Tried To Stop Me Investigating Alien UFOs, Says UFO Hunter Brenda Butler

A British UFO hunter, Brenda Butler, has claimed that “Men in Black” have used threats, intimidation, and harassment through phone calls and visits to try to stop her from pursuing her research into the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident.

According to the Daily Express, she made the allegation at a conference to commemorate 35 years of the famous Rendlesham UFO sighting.

“Men in Black” is a term UFO, alien hunters, and conspiracy theorists use to refer to government goons who try to intimidate them to stop investigations into ET and UFO phenomenon. The 1997 movie Men in Black, starring Tommy Lee Jones, Will Smith, and Linda Fiorentino, was inspired by the popular term in reference to mysterious black-suited men — sometimes suspected to be aliens themselves — representing clandestine government organizations with mysterious agendas.

Butler, a dedicated UFOlogist, was one of the first to give a full account of the story of the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident in her 1984 book, Sky Crash: A Cosmic Conspiracy, co-authored with Dot Street and Jenny Randles.

She has been among the leading investigators of the Rendlesham incident. At the 30th anniversary of the sightings in 2010, the BBC reported that Butler, of Leiston, Suffolk, declared her conviction that “there was something in the forest. I think it came from another dimension.”

According to Butler, “They [the original witnesses] chased the lights and saw a craft… In Colonel Halt’s own words, if it ever came out what happened governments would topple. They will never, ever, be allowed to tell us what really, really happened.”

Butler alleged at the conference to mark 35 years of the incident that “Men in Black” from the British Ministry of Defense (MoD) have trailed her and her colleagues over the years during frequent visits to Rendlesham in search of evidence about alien and UFO activity in the forest.

She claims she has visited the forest at least once a week for several years and has had close encounters with extraterrestrials.

“We’ve seen different beings in the forest. We’ve seen the black cat, we’ve seen the little brown monks which float around, we’ve seen disks, we’ve seen the craft in the sky, we’ve seen shadow man, we’ve seen ghosts. We see all kinds of stuff in the forest.”

"Forest Clearing In The UFO Trail At Rendlesham"

She claimed that the government appears upset about her regular visits to the forest and her snooping around the area as part of investigations to uncover the truth behind the report by some U.S. officers at RAF Bentwaters Airbase in 1980 that they saw mysterious lights and UFOs land in the forest on the nights of December 26 and 28.

She claimed that the MoD has tapped her phone to eavesdrop on conversations with colleagues and tried to force her to sign a contract to keep quiet about her findings. MoD agents also pressured her to stop “going to the forest and asking people about Rendlesham.”

“We have had phone calls, been followed and threatened. The police came to check our car numbers. People have come to my home and stood in my drive.”

She claimed that a military vehicle once chased her and a colleague along lonely rural roads.

“It [the military vehicle] followed us up the road. We had to do 80mph to get away. That night we went back to the forest and got pictures of all these orbs. There was a police car and police helicopter observing. They said don’t come here again. Why after 35 years are they still bothering us if nothing happened?”

She added, “We still get phone calls, the police check on us.”

She claimed she has spoken with many locals who said they have seen lights in the forest. A man told her he saw a UFO that looked like a “helicopter with an upside down ice cream cone beneath it.”

The man said that a security guard told him to stay away from the forest.

She also mentioned an interview with Michael Sims in 1983. Butler said she believes that the 22-year-old Sims was murdered in 1985 in a hotel room because he had witnessed and was investigating the UFOs in Rendlesham.

“Michael (Sims) told me he was going to track down other witnesses when he was in the US. After he was killed one of his friends said he thought it was to do with Rendlesham. I met his dad at the conference who thinks it was just random, but he asked me to send him everything on Michael.”

Butler claimed she knew another who spoke out about Rendlesham and died at the age of 26, Express reports.

She claimed that anonymous callers have threatened her colleagues, saying they could “end up at the bottom of the ocean.”

“They asked us to sign the contract in the 1980s, they said it was about national security of the bases. Ralph Noyes, who retired from the MoD told us our phones were tapped. We used to hear the clicking noise on our phone. We ended up using phone boxes, we had codes for them like Blue One.”

Commenting on Butler’s allegation, Nick Pope, freelance journalist and former MoD official, who has investigated UFO sightings claims with the MoD, said he could not make any sense of Butler’s allegations.

“Brenda’s claims don’t make any sense. The MoD axed its UFO project in 2009 and even if they were still involved, they wouldn’t, and couldn’t, tell a civilian not to investigate. I can only assume that there’s been a misunderstanding and that perhaps they’ve told her not to trespass on MoD land. I’d like to see the contract she refers to.”

The British Ministry of Defence has denied interest in UFOs, saying the government stopped investigating UFOs in 2009 after determining that they posed no security threats.

[Image: Wikimedia Commons]