Devout Christian works at lap dancing club

Devout Christian Dave Dragas is a manager for the dancers at a lap dancing club in central London called Secrets.

The 26-year-old virgin is never tempted as he doesn’t believe in sex before marriage. According to Dave himself he has been propositioned more than 20 times, but the girls won’t have much luck. He even keeps a bible in his desk at the club.

Dave Dragas, who has the girls to stay at his home in Surrey, said:

People think I’m gay or crazy but I’m not. I’m just not interested in the girls in that way.

“Men are jealous when I tell them and make jokes about me getting them a job, but for me it’s just a job that helps pay the mortgage.

“People think I’m crazy for working in a lapdancing club and not making the most of it.

“I have fun with the girls but it’s strictly professional. I only have paternal feelings towards them and don’t bat an eyelid when they’re naked.

It took him six months to tell his father about his job and “he wasn’t very happy.” He hopes that the £35,000-a-year job will help him provide for a family one day.