Lebowski Fest Founder Arrested: Williams Russell Arrested For Smoking Marijuana Outside Bowling Alley In Louisville, KY

The Lebowski fest founder has been arrested.

Williams Russell, the founder of the traveling event that celebrates everything related to the Coen brothers film The Big Lebowski, was arrested on Saturday for allegedly smoking marijuana outside of a bowling alley in Louisville, KY where the event was being held, the Huffington Post reports.

According to a police report, Louisville’s Metro police officers responded to a call that suggested Russell and another unidentified co-defendant were “not acting normal.” When the officers arrived at the Executive Strike & Spare bowling alley, they found Russell outside smoking marijuana. As they approached Russell, he apparently “took a bladed stance,” clenching his fists and threatening the officers. However, he later apologized for “acting like a savage.”

According to WDRB, Russell was booked on charges of possession of marijuana, resisting arrest and menacing and had to miss the remainder of the Lebowski fest. Court officials said Russell was released on his own recognizance and is scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday, July 15.

Following the event, Russell took to Facebook to clarify several details that the press and police report failed to mention.

“I dreamed that whomever was waiting to pick me up after jail was my friend. I looked all around and all there was was me. Walking barefoot at 4am,” he wrote. “Looking for a hand to hold. A dressing for my wounds after being savagely beaten by two trained enforcers. So now I’m going underground.”

“There was no mention of the two men that tackled me and drove my face into the sidewalk. You should see the scrapes on my knees. What a world,” he later added, referencing a news article.

Russell is the owner of Funtown Mountain, an amusement park, and the founder of WHY Louisville.

[Video may be offensive to some viewers, explicit language]