Nintendo NX Will ‘Surprise Players’ And ‘Change Video Gaming Life’, Says Nintendo Pres. Satoru Iwata

Nintendo NX, if rumours are to be believed, could be available for purchase as early as July, 2016..

According to a report published in Taiwanese newspaper DigiTimes, Nintendo aims to begin production on their next console in October this year. Further, the newspaper states that Apple favorite Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry) are frontrunners in the manufacturing bid, but rival Pegatron Technology is campaigning aggressively in an attempt to try and snatch some of the Nintendo NX orders.

But while all this may sound exciting to video game fans, Forbes has cautioned gamers against getting swept by the media frenzy surrounding Nintendo NX. For all the rumors, Nintendo has not yet divulged a single secret about the mysterious gaming console, Nintendo NX, and it aims to keep it under the wraps at least till the beginning of 2016. Although a July, 2016, release date for Nintendo NX has excited gamers worldwide, it remains highly unlikely.

A constant criticism levelled by developers against Nintendo’s previous gaming console, Nintendo Wii U, was that it could not compete against PS4 or Xbox 1 in terms of sheer power. So while one interesting theory is that Nintendo NX will be an extremely powerful machine compared to its predecessor, it is possible that Nintendo is not aiming to match its competition at all, but aims instead to compete on a different level.

One of the few times Nintendo has come out in the open about their new gaming console is when Nintendo President Satoru Iwata talked to Nikkei about the need for video gaming consoles to experiment with new technologies.

“However, if you only expand upon existing hardware, it’s dull. In some shape or form, we’re always thinking about how we want to surprise players as well as our desire to change each person’s video gaming life.”

Now that is a tall order indeed, even by Nintendo’s standards. It is possible, and even likely, that what the Japanese company wants to achieve through Nintendo NX is more innovative gameplay setups and an expansion of the game-user interface. But even if it were to happen, Nintendo will still have to make sure it is accessible enough for publishers to develop games for the console.

The way we see it, there are two possible outcomes. Either Nintendo NX will not live up to the hype and be debunked by developers, akin to what happened with Wii U, or it may bring about a complete revolution in video gaming. We hope Nintendo NX does the latter.

[Photo: Handout / Getty Images]